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Published Thursday November 10th, 2005
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I challenge anyone to come up with cold, hard facts and numbers about kde vs gnome / qt vs. gtk+ memory usage and performance. Please, _someone_ do some real analysis on this. I need facts, not conjucture! Enough of the FUD!

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Posted in KDE, Qt


Segedunum says:

Sorry to disappoint you, but they are both such hugely complex pieces of software it is nigh on impossible to do analysis on them. Plus, because they are user facing graphical tools the amount of analysis you could do in every conceivable scenario is infinite. The subjective view is that Qt is just better. The GTK guys are having the same problem at the moment trying to work out where the problems are that they are having in terms of performance. Either you try and design your software neatly to start off with so you understand where any problems would occur if they do, or you take the Microsoft approach and throw lots of programmers at the problem to panel beat it into shape.

aam says:

I made a comparation of memory betwen Kubuntu and Ubuntu 3 days ago, I tried Kubuntu first I was surprided by the amount of memory it used, I have an Athlon 64 2800+ with 512 Ram.

Kubuntu was using almost 500 ram.


Then I tried Ubuntu and I checked and the resulted that it used a lot of less memory not even a hundred:


About the speed Qt/KDE apps. seem to be about % faster than GTK/Gnome apps.

Of course is not an intensive test just a small comparation.

GaRaGeD says:

I cannot belive KDE uses 500, how could people with 256, or even 128 KB RAM use it ??

I have KDE, with 512 MB, and the total memory used, not counting cache, is
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 515976 381292 134684 0 36712 169052

that’s with a lot of packages running, including firefox, superkaramba, and cpp using around 40 MB, lots of konsoles, etc.

Patrick says:

I have also notice that KDE use all the available memory. Before, I did used 128M, and KDE used all the memory (+swap). When I upgrade to 512M, I did expect to have 256M free, but KDE still used all the memory.

Rough guess, most of it is cache. As long as you don’t swap by starting a new, it ok.

My evaluation (feeling) is that Qt application are more responsive that gtk. Gtk people may disagree, saying that GTK is faster (than again, it only a feeling).

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