Qt Creator 1.2 released

Published Thursday June 25th, 2009
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When I started more than two years ago at the Berlin office (then called Trolltech GmbH), Creator was a Creative Friday project called Workbench. Later it got renamed to Project Greenhouse; shortly before the first release we settled for the name Creator. Though I did think that Greenhouse had a nice touch, Creator fits perfectly, since it puts you, the Creator of great things in the center. Our philosophy is to not solely focus on a big feature list, but also on small details which make your life easier.

But everyone wants to hear about new features, so here we go:
Our biggest new feature for 1.2 is surely the cdb integration, that is you can now debug applications built with the Microsoft Visual Studio compiler. Also, our debugger dumpers display Qt types in a much nicer way than Visual Studio. See the recent blog post: Peek and Poke.
In the code editor we’ve refined the matching parentheses highlighting and added better code folding visuals and block highlighting. The block highlighting feature illustrates the size of each block using different shades of gray for the background. For me, it’s unobtrusive highlighting of scopes is a nice touch. However, this feature is optional and can be turned off.
Another cool new feature is the automatic updating of the code model when the .ui file changes. In other words, you can drop a widget on the form and immediately enjoy code completion even without saving. Finally, when you start Creator 1.2, you’ll be greeted by our new welcome screen.

To mention a few of the small features we implemented to make your life easier:

  • Search and replace with regular expressions
  • Better faking of vim
  • Auto Save before Build, Run without Building Options
  • Ability to disable breakpoints
  • Better auto detection of installed VS compilers
  • Tons of stuff

Edit: You can download the Creator 1.2 release and the 2009.3 SDK, which consists of a prebuild Qt and Creator 1.2 from here.

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Posted in Qt, QtCreator


scottie says:

I have just installed qt creator v 1.2. The feature of automatic localizing for German is good, but I don’t like it, because this feature isn’t manually configurable. I personally prefer English interface.

Orlando says:

Great work, guys!
QtCreator 1.2 is running on my laptop and it’s beautiful 🙂

eronex says:

Thanks a lot! 🙂

hoang vu says:

The only thing that I feel a little disappointed is the C++ frontend support for C++ 0x. Both gcc4 and visual C++ 2010 support many C++0x features. For example this code
vector v;
for (auto i = v.begin(); i != v.end(); ++i) {}
compiles well (with both visual C++ 2010 beta and mingw with gcc4.4) but is marked as error in the IDE.

Paul Li says:

First of all, thank you for your great work. I have two questions:

(1) Is there a way to reset the default font size after using Ctrl++/Ctrl+- or Scroll on mouse?

(2) How do I switch between CDB and GDB? It uses GDB by default after installation. I have installed Microsoft Debugging Tools, how do I change the default to use CDB?

peter gall says:

Dear QT Creator developers,

I cannot thank you and QT software enough for the outstanding ideas and work. I use QT and QT Creator on a day to day basis for my research and I must say that I simply love it. I sometimes miss the CVS support, but that is a minor issue. As at my institute we use Windws, Linux and Mac OS, the QT approach greatly simplifies our collaboration.

Keep your good ideas alive,

André says:

@Paul Li: It’s not simply switching debuggers, as cdb does not understand gcc compiled binaries pretty much the same way gdb does not understand the MS compiler. So in order to use cdb you’ll need to built your application with the Microsoft compiler, which in turn means you’ll need a version of Qt compiled with it first. Once you have a binary, Creator will select a suitable debugger automatically (assuming there is one installed, but it is in your case…)

anonym says:

How does it work together with the newest MinGW with gcc 4.4?
Do I have to compile it from source with gcc4.4, if I want to use that, or does it support it?

psaraci says:

Congrats for the amazing job you guys have done for QtCreator. I use it daily for my work and my productivity has increased 🙂
Keep up the good work.

I just hope that soon there will be more advanced refactoring capabilities.


vitalyx says:

Thanks for the next great release guys!
However, is it just me or now QtCreator takes a lot more time to open, especially for cold start? Startup time is very inconsistent: it can take 8 seconds or it can take 50. I’m running Windows 7 RC x64, BTW. But no other application exhibits such behavior.

Itsa Witch says:

Ummm, for those of us who have never heard of Creator. What is it and where can I get it?

vitalyx says:

In reply to my previous comment:
just installed the latest Qt SDK in Ubuntu 9.04 x64 and Qt Creator 1.2 runs almost instantly. I wonder why startup takes so much longer in Windows?

Wow, thank you! I’m Qt Creator daily. You’re right, it’s not just about the features, QtCreator has been designed by GUI geniuses. Thanks again!

ivanz says:

Cool release, but I have the same problem as scottie: I don’t want localized UI in QtCreator, I want just English. Does anybody know, how can I switch UI language to English? Maybe I can add some option in ini file?

Álvaro Morais says:

You guys did it again. First let me congratulate you guys for making from my perspective one of the best looking programs that exist on linux(if only my apps loked this good). I wold advise any user to install Qt creator even if one isn’t a developer, just to stand an look at it.

Second. Qt is simple, definitely not bloated, and powerful at the same time. I like the new addition where I can see the demos code with just one click. It’s very useful if you regularly use the demos as documentation as I do.

Last and not least. I think it would be wise(since Qt Creator is not a web application) to add a way of disabling the online news. Creator doesn’t ask for your consent to access the internet, and that reminds me too much of some proprietary applications.

One more time. Congratulations.

sdm says:

Where do I post error reports for qt creator ?
The debugger dumpers display works so unreliably that have switched back to Creator 1.1 …

BokiC says:

I had the same experience with the dumpers, and had to downgrade to 1.1. I installed 1.2 to Windows(XP 32) and Linux(Ubuntu 32) and it seems that only Windows version suffers from this issue.
Everything else runs fine. 🙂

Please, Please fix the dimpers.

Dado says:

Qt Creator is since version 0.9, IDE of my choice when it comes to cross-platform development. One project file, same sources and you are just one click away from building application on many platforms. Excellent move to support cdb, debugging is now easier on Windows.
Actually, debugging within Qt Creator showed always couple of annoying things from the start. Strange crashes of gdb, strange dumpers, inability to set a break point during debugging session, just to name a few.
Since there is no answer to the question put by sdm post, here is one bug report.
What I find strange about breaking on breakpoints on the latest version is the following scenario.
– Project.pro is created on MacOS 10.5.6. (gdb 6.3.50-20050815 and g++ 4.0.1. installed) with Qt Creator v.1.1. breaking at the break point was working OK. (Scopes are used inside .pro file to delimit platform/configuration specific things – maybe this is important to say).
– After upgrade to Qt Creator v.1.2. Debug configuration doesn’t break at the breakpoints any more.
– Then I have generated .xproj using qmake in documented way and rebuild with Xcode (that must be using the same gdb/g++ as QtCreator). I can stop at break points withing Xcode.
– I go back to QtCreator, open the same Project.pro that I used to generate .xproj (means exactly the same sources), start debugging (without rebuild) and I can break at breakpoints now.
– I do clean and rebuild with Qt Creator, I cannot break at breakpoints any more.
– Rebuild with Xcode, everything is back to normal.

Something is smelly here. If you can take a look, and give proper explanation, or fix, it would be great.


Rodrigo says:

Thanks so match about this!

Sukanta says:

Can anyone help me, to configure QtCreator with S60 Emulator? I have S60 5th edition SDK, Qt on S60 4.5.2 (Tower), and Qt creator 1.2.0 IDE in an Xp machine. Please let me know how I can configure QtCreator with S60 emulator. (I want to execute MyFirstQtApp in in S60 emulator.)

Tazz says:

hey guys,…
the software is not bad ,. but i wana comment on one of the comments,…when he said that it gives an error to the following function:
vector v;
for (auto i = v.begin(); i != v.end(); ++i) {},………..well what are the substitutes for this function????

chris says:

nice job; still, there is a lot of room for improvements;

syntax highlighting (current one is not good enough),
shortcuts (for finding symbols),
fully hierarchic support for the files inside a project (grouping large projects’ files in folders – almost ok using .pri, but still not good enough)

improved gdb frontend (I cannot even see a QString appropriately in qtc 1.1)


Asperamanca says:

How do I switch the IDE language to English? It’s really confusing to work with English help-files, but German UI in the IDE.

Klatu says:

Great job – I’m using QtCreator since 1.0 on Linux, MacOs and Windows and I really like it.

The cdb support was long awaited but is still quite unusable for bigger projects.
When stepping through code, a single step can take minutes! until Qt Creator is responsive again.

Hope you get that faster soon. Windows debugging is the only feature that prevents us from kicking VS2008 into trash.

Jin Oh says:

Wonderful addition!
I have one question though.
I need to build a binary with C++ codes and FORTRAN codes.
Is there a way to build a binary with C++ and FORTRAN code mixed in .PRO file in Qt Creator?
Do you have any suggestion/idea to do that?

aj says:

How do I switch the IDE language to English? It’s really confusing to work with English help-files, but German UI in the IDE. – where is the setting ?

MaxI says:

It really good IDE for Qt, great job! I’m using it on Linux and Windows.
The most wanted feature is hierarchical tree of project.

Software engineer, Russian Federation.

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