Published Tuesday July 6th, 2010
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We screwed up! A serious bug in Qt 4.6.3’s QtOpenGL module on Windows went undetected through reviewing, the auto-test system and quality assurance! The bug causes a device context leak, and after 9999 repaints, the program stops updating its widgets. The bug is fixed in our repositories and will not appear in our next releases. Until then, if you are compiling Qt from source, you can use the this patch.

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Posted in OpenGL, Qt


scorp1us says:

epositories and will not appear in our next releases.

‘not’ or ‘now’?

Fazer says:

And what about people using Qt from binaries? Will you release a fixed version of Qt 4.6? Or maybe Qt 4.7 is going to come out so soon that it makes no sense for you to include the fix in the earlier versions?

anon says:

What is happening to Trolls? 2 fails in a row already. Are trolls turning in corporate programmers?

The Eye says:

“and will *not* appear in our next releases”?? (emphasis added)

Daniel Molkentin says:

Yes, the bug has been fixed, hence it won’t appear in the next releases.

scorp1us says:

Qt’s open GL never worked on my ATI hardware anyway. Nvidia is fine.

scorp1us says:

OOOh. We don’t talk about bugs, talk about the fix. Say: “The Fix WILL appear”. It is confusing otherwise?

detro says:

@anon: Come on. The guys are working like hell, “errare umanum est”.

Donald Carr says:

@kkalland: Good on you for getting this adequate external visibility

Clearly now that we have caught this bug, subsequent releases will be free of it. The take away is that if you are using Qt 4.6, you should ideally be using a daily refreshed Qt checkout from the gitorious repo, which is a standing patch release against the latest and greatest stable Qt release.

NuShrike says:

Why not just release a 4.6.3_1 patch-up (like FreeBSD does), or 4.6.4 if you really have to?

AlekSi says:

Don’t worry guys, Rails 2.3.6, .7, .8 were released in 3 days. ๐Ÿ˜€

gordin says:

Is this bug in 4.6.2 as well? We are seeing problems in our software that may be caused by this bug but we are still using 4.6.2.

gordin says:

I checked myself: bug was introduced in 4.6.3 and is not in 4.6.2

l0calh05t says:

Since we’re already on the topic of OpenGL, what about http://www.qtforum.org/article/32627/opengl-paint-engines-broken.html ?

Ivan says:

Guys, you really annoing by repeatadly broking OpenGL since Qt 4.6 release. Does QA service need some improvements, not?
And yes, Qt4 OpenGL does not work normally on my ATi linux hardware, however the TuxKarts works!

Donald Carr says:



We have a centralized bug reporting system which gives us some infrastructure to verify, prioritize and track issues, please utilize it. Apart from the fact it is entirely off the radar, it looks like a good solid bug report.

Max Waterman says:

> went undetected through reviewing, the auto-test system and quality assurance

I see no mention of improving your auto-test system/etc – at least you can add a test so that this bug doesn’t reappear in future.

omynos says:

Man, you guys are getting just hassled over this… I feel bad for you. It’s great software still, these things are bound to happen.

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