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From Qt SDK 1.1 Beta to an app in just a day

Published Wednesday March 9th, 2011
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A tweet came across my screen last week which immediately raised my curiosity. It was a father tweeting about his day home with his sick son who spent the day together designing and developing his very own Qt Quick app, the DoodleDrive game. I immediately picked up the phone to talk to this guy to find out what he thought of the new Qt SDK 1.1. Beta and to no surprise he was amazed at how easy it was to use.

Tommi Laukkanen had never used Qt before and is not a C++ developer. He’s a Finn, but no, he does not work for Nokia and never has. Professionally he is a software engineer primarily developing enterprise software. He has been waiting for Qt Quick to launch so that he could use his (non-C++) coding skills to take Qt for a test run. It certainly didn’t hurt that it was part of the new easy-to-install Qt SDK 1.1 Beta, which also supported his Mac development environment.

So leveraging his son’s design talents and his Nokia N8 12MP camera he captured the doodles of his son, clipped out the images in his photo editor and imported the pngs into Qt Creator. Next he started creating his UI in QML, the Qt Quick JavaScript-like language. Tommi said, “It was just so easy. We had a nice UI with a few rectangles in no time. Then using QML, which allows game states, we added animations. It was simple to use the Qt animation framework. My son is the hardest boss and expects results in minutes, not hours, so it was great to be able to change the animations in just a few seconds.”

Tommi also admitted that his friends were quite impressed with the results. They figured he had used some physics to create the animations, such as the bounce effects, but he explained he didn’t need to. All he did was use the the QML transition easing curves parameter to create the bounce. “It looks like physics programming, but it’s not,” concluded Tommi. All of this was done on his Mac and when it came to compiling he took advantage of the remote compiler, which worked smoothly for him.

“My older son was a bit sick today so I stayed home to be with my kids. As usual kids didn’t know what to do and I came up with the idea if we’d create a simple game with help of latest Qt SDK 1.1 Beta that was released a day ago. …and so we did 🙂 This is a small “documentary” of the process.”

DoodleDrive – Game Jam Afternoon from Tommi Laukkanen on Vimeo.

Tommi has published to Ovi Store before, so he plans to submit DoodleDrive there, too. Since Qt is cross-platform he was able to easily reuse his code from the Symbian^3 device targets to Maemo 5. Therefore DoodleDrive runs on N8, C7, E7 (basically any Symbian^3 Nokia device) and the N900. His next Qt Quick project is a Facebook client. He admits that he just creates mobile apps as a hobby to fulfill his app needs. Perhaps the saying “if you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself” applies here. He said he will definitely use Ovi Store as his publishing point for all his apps.

If you want to check out DoodleDrive, Tommi posted it on Forum Nokia projects. He has uploaded the source code so you too can see how to make a simple game in ~300 lines of QML. He talks more about this on his blog We also want to welcome Tommi to the Qt Ambassador program. DoodleDrive will soon show up on the Qt Ambassador Showcase.

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Stephen Chu says:

This is nice. I am curious on how much use is Qt Quick in desktop environments.

Javi Moya says:

a person interested in develop for a extinct system (symbian & maemo).

maybe we can find a person developing for spectrum sinclair zx80?

Joe says:

Now which father will step up and develop the same game with Silverlight on a Mac in the same amount of time?
(hint: this post contains sarcasm)

Matt says:

When will Tommi be able to publish DoodleDrive to Ovi Store, and we get the chance to try his awesome looking creation. Latest information is that Ovi Store (and Smart Installer) accepts only apps created with Qt4.6.3, which AFAIK does not have Qt Quick (QML) support built-in.

David says:

@Joe any silverlight developer can do the same in ~1 hour

Joe says:

On a Mac? Doubt it.

Carol Røsland says:

@Stephen – Qt Quick was launched about a week ago, so we don’t have quantitative data yet…however, we foresee that the majority of the use cases will be for the creation of UI and apps for mobile and embedded.

@Matt – Ovi Store will support Qt 4.7 (Qt Quick) apps with the final release of the new Qt SDK 1.1.

David says:

@Joe I don’t understand your question. Silverlight is cross platform and it runs on mac without problem. If you have dev environment in mind, as far as I know, you can still run VS from mac and develop anything you want.

Toni says:

@Javi Moya

For just proving a point, check out

Symbian and Maemo is far from being dead. Qt Quick empowers just the opposite scenario – alive and vibrant ecosystem.

M says:

Come on baby! Let’s doom the Stephen’s trick with Qt. YES! We can make it!

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