New Qt SDK features updated Qt Creator, Qt 4.8 for desktop and new Qt mobility APIs

Published Wednesday February 1st, 2012
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A new Qt SDK, the Qt SDK 1.2, is now available for download, and it makes it easier than ever to create rich applications with improved performance.

The new SDK includes the latest version of Qt Creator (2.4.1) as well as Qt 4.8 for desktop and embedded developers including Windows, Mac and Linux/X11 (released as stand-alone in December).

Qt mobile app downloads continue to grow in Nokia Store, and the SDK update contains mobile improvements for the Symbian and MeeGo Harmattan 1.2 targets, new Qt mobility examples in Qt Creator and easy integration of the Qt In-App Purchasing API, which enables developers to build in-app purchasing into their Qt mobile application.

Key benefits within the updated SDK include:

Qt Creator 2.4.1

Qt Creator 2.4.1 is a patch version containing some fixes and enhancements for Qt Creator 2.4.

–        Improvements in the C++ and QML editors, such as syntax highlighting in QML, and improved static QML code-checking features.

–        Improvements of the code refactoring tools

–        Reusable “schemes” for the coding styles (C++ and QML) between projects

Qt 4.8 for desktop and embedded Windows, Mac and Linux/X11

–        Qt Platform Abstraction, which makes it easier to port QtGui to new windowing systems

–        Qt Quick improvements including the possibility to embed OpenGL shader effects in Qt Quick apps with the help of a QML shader add-on.

–        Qt WebKit 2.2.1 with updated version of QtWebKit from the WebKit project, including a wide range of improvements to the HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies.

–        Threaded Open GL making it easier, and more thread safe, to render OpenGL from more than one thread concurrently

More Qt mobility code examples.

The updated Qt SDK includes over 20 Qt Mobility examples.

In-App Purchasing

In-App Purchasing enables developers to seamlessly offer additional, premium content for purchase, such as new items/levels/functionality and try and buy application upgrades, within the confines of the app experience.

This enables new revenue opportunities within mobile Qt apps. The In-App Purchasing API beta has been available and manually installable, but now this component can be added and maintained in the Qt SDK configuration, simply by using the SDK maintenance tool.

Having the opportunity to include In-App Purchasing can increase revenue substantially for mobile developers. With strong, continued growth of Qt app downloads in Nokia Store, and the store itself continuing to grow – over 11 million downloads per day – Qt continues to be a good choice for developers creating mobile apps for the 155+ million Qt enabled Nokia phones currently in the market.

Congratulations to the team who worked on this release. We all hope you enjoy the new Qt SDK 1.2

Get started and download here

Daniel Kihlberg

Global Director Qt Ecosystem

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Robin Lobel says:


This new SDK (1.2) include Qt 4.8 or Qt 4.7.4 ?
It’s confusing since the blogs says 4.8 and the website 4.7.4.

Olivier says:


Robin: +1.

I have launched the SDK maintenance tool on both Linux and Mac and both say there is no update. Is this normal?

Tim Jenßen says:


Please be aware that we use a content delivery network and not all mirrors may have the updated version yet. But it should be there in some minutes or atleast in one hour.

Olivier says:

Thanks Tim.

kpld says:

Great,thank you!!!

linnaus says:

Qt 5 ?

Samuele C says:

Very Good News!! 🙂

aaa says:

Still, graphics in QtWebKit when animated (rotated, scaled or even moved) are pixelated and become not pixelated after a second. It looks very bad. 🙁

MartinK says:

Check if you have or equivalent available. From your description it looks like some optimization is being triggered, that enables faster & less nice scaling/rendering during transitions.

Jeek says:

Nice work,but could you tell me why KDE4.8 has such a bad performance, according to the tests:

Thank you!

Mika Hanhijärvi says:

Is the in-app purchasing support available in Qt SDK’s Linux-version? Or is it only in the Windows version? I can’t find any documentation about it in the Qt SDK’s Linux version.Ofcourse it is possible I have just missed that documentationsomehow .

aaa says:

@MatrinK – the thing is the “faster” scaling makes the page look very bad (unusable if you have graphics with small text on it), and don’t work properly (it takes like a SECOND to switch to smooth graphics and it not always switches, sometimes stays pixelated). Also there is no documentation about it and no way to turn it off. It makes for example Google Maps unusable etc. Anything that animates constantly is pixelated like hell.

Chris says:

I love the ease of installation with the SDK, but I did run into a few problems:
1) Running Designer and Assistant standalone required some configuration. Most of my issues were with Assistant.
a) I tried running the copy of Assistant in the QtCreator directory, and if fails to run complaining about its “side-by-side configuration”.
b) Running the Assistant under Desktop/Qt/4.8.0 tree require finding the .qch files for it to use.
2) The Desktop binaries are missing the .PDB files for the debug libraries (at least for 4.8.0 with msvc2010).

Dimitar Dobrev says:

Hi. It’s great that you released Qt SDK 1.2 but it doesn’t have 32-bit Qt for Mac OS X neither. Would it be possible for the next version of either Qt SDK ot Qt libraries to include a 32-bit version for the mac, just like Qt Libraries 4.7.4 is?

Leif Oakman says:

Is there a large need for a 32-bit version for mac though? I would think that the older hardware be just keep running older versions of QT.

Dimitar Dobrev says:

Yes, it’s about older hardware but this doesn’t mean it couldn’t make use of new Qt features. 🙂 I don’t know how much of an effort it is, I imagine not much as 4.7.4 and before had 32-bit builds. I tried compiling and with all information on the net it’s still a hassle, unsuccessful that is.

Thanks for the post..I really appreciate this..

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