Investment in Qt planned to continue @ Digia

Published Thursday August 9th, 2012
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Though the Qt community is larger than any one company or group of people, Nokia is proud of the contributions we’ve made to the development of Qt over the past four years. Since we acquired Trolltech, we’ve modernized Qt for a new generation of user interfaces, grown the Qt community to more than 450,000 developers and have shipped Qt on close to 200 million devices, including the Nokia 808 PureView.

However, as you may already have seen, Nokia is sharpening its strategy. This has meant making a number of tough choices, including that Qt will not be used in future Nokia products.

Since we made that announcement, we’ve been actively looking to secure the future for Qt, both as an open source project and a community, serving both commercial and open licensees. As a result of those efforts, Digia has today announced its plans to acquire the Qt technology, copyright, and trademarks, as well as to transfer a number of Qt people from Nokia. We believe that, with this planned acquisition, we have found the best possible solution for the continued success of Qt.

We’re very pleased that Digia is taking this step. Digia is already very active in the Qt community and acquired Nokia’s Qt Commercial business during the first half of 2011. We believe, it now has the muscle to contribute and drive this community. Digia’s planned acquisition would provide a future for Qt. As part of this planned transaction, Digia has also committed that it would be happy to continue the open source Qt Project and meet the obligations of the KDE Free Qt Foundation licensing agreement.

Of course, some of us involved with Qt might have mixed emotions about this news. Though Qt will not be a part of future Nokia products, we’re happy that the development of Qt is to continue outside of Nokia and that the transaction would offer career continuity for many Nokia colleagues.

We expect that the planned acquisition, which is subject to customary closing conditions, will be completed during Q3, 2012. On behalf of all my Nokia colleagues, I thank all of you in the Qt community for your support and wish you every success for the future.

Sebastian Nyström

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Posted in Announcements


Gordon says:

Well I don’t have much to say about Digia acquiring Qt, only the future will tell if that will be a good home for it.

I’d just like to thank all the Qt people at Nokia for their work over the past few years in helping to make Qt as awesome as it is, and most importantly, making it available to everyone under the LGPL. Glad to hear some will get to continue that work with Digia.

I hope Digia keep the LGPL code in sync with the commercial release and don’t let it lag behind.

Cortex says:

“Of course, some of us involved with Qt might have mixed emotions about this news.”

Well, actually not. A considerable amount of people is beeing more than happy that ‘Nokia Now’ is no longer involved in Qt and that things have finally settled down now.

But I wish to thank ‘Nokia Then’ for their contributions to Qt. It has been a pleasure.

And I wish Digia the best.

Ionutz B says:

Will Nokia update Symbian to support Qt5? Will Nokia Store support apps developed with Qt5?


Tom says:

Good. At least Qt won’t drown along with that sinking Nokia ship.

sneakyc4 says:

I am not going to buy anything from the new sharpen strategy. RIP nokia, I Loved you, before you cheated on me with microsoft.

Cortex says:

@Ionutz B

There will be no support for Symbian in Qt5. The corresponding code has been already stripped out of the codebase.

sneakyc4 says:

I guess Qt5 on meego/harmattan is utopia as well? Or not?

Cortex says:


Qt5 is already on MeeGo.

hsm13 says:

No way to repeat Borland with turbo C & Oracle with Java/OpenOffice mistakes.

I trust in Digia

Baso says:

We all know that there is something most dangerous from what we may thing. It is Nokia future rather than Qt future. Nokia with all my appreciation for, it recently has decided to link a big of its future with Microsoft and the later will not allow Qt to be a part of that future, hence Nokia gave up Qt for the sake of its future. The two companies has a plan with each other and that plan is around supporting Microsoft Phone that use only Microsoft Development kits where Qt has no chance in it and Nokia to be the main company to produce Hardware for.

You can correct me if I am wrong!

I hope Qt being have future since we all spent valuable amount of time to learn it, but the only and only way to know that is through deeds and future not through words only as we have experienced that on past time.

Again and again Thank you Nokia, Digia and Staff.

William says:

I don’t know how to express my feelings about Qt and Nokia. Just hope Nokia, Qt and all Qt guys would get great success in the near future.

Thank you all.

Mike says:

So how long will it take until you announce that it is not possible to build and sell Qt apps for the Symbian anymore? 😛

Will you give Nokia Store to Digia too, or are you just going to say “you can’rt release any new Qt apps for the Symbian anymorwe” ?

Thanks for wasting my time 😛

Mike says:

> Well, actually not. A considerable amount of people is beeing more
> than happy that ‘Nokia Now’ is no longer involved in Qt and that
> things have finally settled down now.

There is akso lots of us who learned Qt onlly because we wanted to create apps for the Symbiand and MeeGo using Qt. For us this is complete disaster. I really can’t thank Nokia for what they did, Thank for what? Wasting my time? Flushing all my work down from toilet?

Sorry but if I can’t develop Qt apps for the Symbian, MeeGo and other mobile devices anymore then Qt is worth nothing to me. I really am not interested in desktop Qt etc. I could not care less about Qt future on desktop.

Mike says:

And NO, I’m NOT going to develop for the Windows Phone, not after slaughter of Symbian, MeeGo, Meltemi and Qt development. Bill Gates and Elop can stick Windows Phone into their ass, sorry about rude comment, but is how I feel.

Cortex says:


What’s the purpose of having Symbian and MeeGo support from Nokia if they no longer sell any devices? Symbian and MeeGo at Nokia is dead; this has nothing to do with Qt and that’s nothing that would change with Qt beeing still at Nokia.

What you’ll get now is commercial-grade, fully-supported Qt for Android, iOS, QNX, Tizen, Desktop platforms and Embedded platforms _and_ Meego _and_ Symbian (at least in Qt4).

That’s quite good news – even for you!

You’ve learned Qt for a dying platform? Who cares. Your application supports any other platform anyway.

Joe says:

@Mike you might notice that Digia plans to extend support for Qt to Windows Phone, Android, IPhone and Blackberry.. Who knows why they are wasting time on Windows phone though. It is an epic failure. Instead of Nokia bringing life to Windows Phone, which was the plan,
Windows Phone has put the nails in the coffin for Nokia. Typical of going to bed with Microsoft.

Cortex says:


Windows 8, not Windows Phone 8.

fat albert says:

Well, thank you Nokia for letting Qt go, that’s the best news we’ve gotten in a long time.
I used to be worried that MS would somehow try to strangle Qt, now those worries are gone. I’m looking forward to Qt5, especially now that it looks like we are going to be able to develop for every relevant platform there is.

men at work says:

Great news for Qt, indeed! But I do wonder if the closure of the Brisbane office was a precondition for Digia’s offer to purchase Qt, so that Digia doesn’t have to start their ownership by laying off a bunch of people…

I guess that’s just how business works, and I’m glad that I don’t have to make such decisions.

Joy says:

How about Meego? That’s the best mobile OS I’ve ever seen.

Dean says:

I just start learning Qt this year, it’s a amazing framework for native cross-platform development! I believe it’ll be more powerful under the help of its new owner and community!

Agron Selimaj says:

It all sounds like Nokia is a sinking ship, hit hard by a Microsoft torpedo, and is trying to hand over the dear baby Qt to someone on shore, to save it.
I am not sure if Microsoft acquired Nokia, but if they didn’t, Nokia is acting as if it is being controlled my Microsoft. The sale 500 Nokia patents today makes me believe even more that Nokia is now controlled my Microsoft.

David says:

Great to see that Qt is safely out of the hands of incompetent management at Nokia. Nokia acquired a gem 4 years ago, and despite this, managed to drive their software strategy into the ground – fumbling and stumbling on every phone framework it tried or touched – S60/ Symbian/, Maemo/Meego, Meltemi – and destroying its control over its own future in the process. It was great that Nokia put a lot of investment into Qt, but boy did you guys screw up.

The acquisition should breathe some new life into Qt – hopefully enabling full backing for commercially relevant mobile platforms as well as ensuring the future viability and interest in supporting desktop OS’s. This has been a roller coaster ride for talented Qt engineers who’s talents have previously been squandered on dead-end strategies and projects that were poorly executed.

Good luck to Digia and the remaining Qt team. Hopefully the rest of the teams, non-engineers, Brisbane, and other locations will be scooped up.

Jeff says:

Fail, Nokia is the epitome of FAIL, so glad Qt is free from your massive uselessness…
I backed you for so many years, even till very recently, but you’ve burnt every bridge & broken every camels back.
You’re now a very different beast to what you could’ve been, if it weren’t for you being hugely incompetent, & lacking courage/vision.
I hope your WP-only (& S40-only for the bottom-end) strategy crashes & burns horridly, & that you sink into oblivion.
Then the rest of the industry can snatch-up whatever talent was left, & be rid of you forever.

Good riddance

Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

Great news… will help nokia focus on the core of its stategy and gives Qt a new ray of hope. some one called Microsoft windows phone a epic fail.. wat non sense has that senile man used the OS its a beauty and together Nokia nd Microsoft has all elements of success and i see a positive and rosy future.
Digia is a great team and can help bring Qt to new platforms and who knows what holds in future… Technology is all about exciting times…

Prasenjit Singh Bist says:

Series 40 is very well suited for ultra low end where no linux based OS wud have helped cheap tooth paste priced phones and thats a niche where Nokia will play for the time being and i am sure thats not there long term stay they have to get back profits thru lumia range and do the migration asap… s40 is a stop gap and hence Qt or meltemi investment made no sense.

Emad says:

Great news… since Nokia changed its strategy, I couldn’t observe any clear future for Qt. Now, I’m happy that another company is investing on Qt. However, I hope that Digia still keeps Qt the #1 cross-platform framework in the world.

STiAT says:

I think Digia aquiering Qt is one of the best solutions found, since Nokia has no practical use for Qt in their new strategy, and Digia seems pretty committed to Qt nowdays.

I think it’s better a company driving the framework which has customers and a business around the framework. Long-Term, Nokia would probably not have been a contributor any longer due to moving their staff to other projects rather than continueing the framework development.

If Digia is a good home and how far the community will be involved into the development in the end (how contributions are handled) we’ll see. But for now I think this has a lot of potential that both, the community and Digia can benefit of the open model.

I’m glad for the Nokia Qt guys that they found a new home – at least the ones moving on to Digia. I wish them all the best at Digia, and hope they will be as successfully driving Qt to the future as they’ve been doing the past 4 years at Nokia. I’m thankful for what Nokia did to Qt, there really were great improvements in the past 4 years – now it’s on Digia to continue the successful development story of Qt.

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