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Qt 4.8.4 Released

Published Thursday November 29th, 2012
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Today we have released Qt 4.8.4. Created together with the Qt Project, Qt 4.8.4 contains over 170 fixes and improvements compared to Qt 4.8.3. With important security fixes for Qt Network and Declarative modules the Qt 4.8.4 is a solid release we recommend all active projects to take into use. This release also contains the correct Digia copyrights as already reflected in the Qt repositories.

As a patch release Qt 4.8.4 does not add new functionality and keeps full source and binary compatibility with the Qt 4.8 series. Looking a bit into where these 170+ improvements have landed there are, for example:

  • 41 fixes to Qt Gui module
  • 13 Mac OS X specific fixes
  • 8 Windows specific fixes
  • 5 Linux/X11 specific fixes
  • 36 QNX/Blackberry specific fixes
  • 22 fixes for the tools

A detailed list of the fixes and improvements showing differences from Qt 4.8.3 can be found here.

Additionally I have good news for those who have been waiting for Windows 8 and VS2012 support. We have taken Qt 4.8.4 to a spin with Windows 8 and it runs quite well in the classic (desktop) mode on Intel hardware. Qt 4.8.4 can be built with Microsoft’s new VS2012 compiler, except for building WebKit. You can use the same pre-built VS2010 binaries with Windows 8 in addition to Windows 7.

Qt 4.8.4 is now tagged in the Qt Project repository. The source packages and stand-alone installers for Qt 4.8.4 are available for download at qt-project.org/downloads for open-source users, as well as via the Customer Portal for commercial licensees.

For commercial licensees there is also an online SDK update available for Qt 4.8.4. We are working to provide an open source SDK through the Qt Project after Qt 5.0.0 is out.

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Rovshan Baghirov says:

Thank you very much Digia!

Digia says:

You are welcome, we will keep doing our best!

Alan says:

> We are working to provide an open source SDK through the Qt Project after Qt 5.0.0 is out.

I am for one looking forward to that open source SDK after having been ‘badly’ bitten for having gone with it in the first place…

This aside, I am pleased with Digia’s work so far. Keep it up! 🙂

Thomas Führinger says:

Any chance we might see a beta of the Qt 5 SDK soon?

JKSH says:

It’s already available: http://qt-project.org/downloads

YAFU says:

Artists and graphic designers from KDE community still waiting for the resolution of this old bug:

Do you have plans to fix it soon?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@YAFU: Our primary focus in bug fixing is currently in Qt 5. We do still fix issues in 4.8 as well and some fixes are applicable to both. Maybe there is someone in the KDE community to do the fix for you.

YAFU says:

The KDE community has provided some workarounds, but they do not work in all cases and they are not easy to achieve.
I hope that Digia developers can have a look at this bug.
Thank you.

Jon says:

Nice to see vs2012 support, how about an update for the vs add-in?!?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

There is a new VS Add-In cooking with target to be released in conjunction with Qt 5.0.0. If there are fixes that benefit Qt 4 users we should be able to make such as well. But primary goal for the Add-In is to bring Qt 5 support.

Paul Miller says:

Another vote (Commercial customer here) for the VS2012 add-in for 4.8. Believe it or not, this is the biggest thing preventing me from moving from VS2008 to VS2012.

Craig Barnes says:

I agree. I really could use the VS2012 add-in for 4.8. I really am tired of manually setting up each new Qt class in VS2012. The plugin is so very helpful.

Chris says:

Totally agree w/ Craig, the plugin is super useful. I am a commercial user.

My company just bought the MSVS 2012 Premium MSDN sub and the only single thing I’m missing yet is a QT 4.8.x MSVS2012 addin that works. My team heavily uses it.

Also went on GIT repo (https://qt.gitorious.org/qt-labs/vstools) to check out where we might go with this?

Can you Digia please tell me when I might expect this addin for MSVS 2012 as well if any chance? Just give me an answer that will suffice.

Otherwise: great job and very strong tooling, QT for ever.


Chris says:

Anybody please?

MuldeR says:

Drag and Drop is still broken in Qt 4.8.4 on the Windows platform. I have been reporting this since it got broken in Qt 4.8.3. Last good version was 4.8.2, I think. Please see here for details, especially the examples I posted:

Please consider releasing a “hotfix” for this issue, as a lot of my customers start complaining, if Drag&Drop doesn’t work…


Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@MuldeR: Qt 4.8.4 contains the fix 62e9682abecaf7e38f6dd9640a3aa964bdd21d0d for https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27265 and the example attached to the task works.

If you are a commercial licensee, please contact our support team via the customer portal. Maybe we are able to help you with a workaround or perhaps to isolate the problem and fix if to an upcoming Qt version.

TheTrueDigia says:

I wonder how people can work for a company so low class and unethical like Digia.
You are ALL just BEING USED people! Wake up!

Tuukka, do you know if the patch referenced in http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/20755/ is included in this release? I’m about to start doing some drag and drop stuff for windows and it would be good to know if this is fixed. Thanks

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

Yes. Fix Drag and Drop with Native Widgets [QTBUG-27265] is included into Qt 4.8.4.


We have been developing general purpose timing analyzer with 4.8.2. Are there any performance related changes to gui components on 4.8.4?


Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Erkki Salonen: Most of the GUI changes are functional improvements, but naturally these may have impact to performance if you measure accurate enough. To know for sure it is best for you to try it out.

Krzysztof Kawa says:

Are there any plans for bringing WebKit back to Qt4 with VC11 or will it be available with Qt5 only (if at all)?
Btw. it’s VC11 not MSVC2012, the VC10 in VS2010 was an unfortunate coincidence 😉

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Krzysztof Kawa: Yes, you are right. It is Visual Studio 2012 and VC11. I fixed the blog text to say VS2012. Regarding new WebKit to Qt 4.8 there are some activities around this, but not confirmed to lead into a significantly new WebKit version.

David Johnson says:

I have several clients (most of whom are commercial license payers) who have stated they have no plans to move to Qt5, and will stick with Qt4 as long as it is maintained. Updating the WebKit in Qt4 would be of great benefit to them.

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@David Johnson: Our goal is to make migrating to Qt 5 so smooth all active projects can do it. However it may take some time, so updating the WebKit of Qt 4.8 is definitely valuable. We have been maintaining the WebKit in 4.8 and providing the most important security fixes to it as well, although 4.8.4 does ship with same WebKit as 4.8.3.

Glenn Kroeger says:

Thanks! These:

– Fixed outline / fill inconsistencies in raster paint engine [QTBUG-26013]

– Cocoa: QPrintDialog does not show/closes down immediatly

fixed two of my nagging problems!

Keep it up.

Martin Flahault says:

I was waiting for this one too :

– Cocoa: QPrintDialog does not show/closes down immediatly


René Berber says:

The change in plugins location is not documented. Shouldn’t there be a comment about it, and to clean up the old location?

Old location /usr/plugins
New location /usr/qt/plugins

Where “/usr” is the Qt installation dir.

trouple Doople says:

I have gone back to c and gtk cause the issues in Qt have been ongoing for far too long and still not fixed. When some issues are fixed it results usually in breaking something that is working. Im not just referring to only the core of Qt , im referring to all the libraries together. I used all of them in my project but now GTK is working better epecially when my data goes out to a webserver all under the same toolkit. My company operates smoother with GTK than any Qt stuff.

herp derp says:

Thanks for your details about specific ‘issues’

Witold Tyszkowski says:

QTBUG-26013 still stops us from moving to qt 4.8. Would that be fixed or should we rewrite our alorithms to avoid qreal/QPointF/QRectF problems?

Kai Koehne says:

The bug has been marked fixed for 4.8.4. So did you try it, and it didn’t work, or what?

Witold Tyszkowski says:

It doesn’t work as it should. There’s similar bug reported by me: QTBUG-25896.

Ross Bencina says:

I agree with other posters who want to see Qt 4 stability prioritized over Qt 5. Who cares about Qt 5 if you are not even able to make Qt 4 stable? There is no way I will risk moving to Qt 5 any time soon after the (ongoing) nightmare of stabilizing Qt 4.8. If I didn’t need Cocoa support I should/would have stayed with 4.6.


Qt Commercial Customer since 2006.

Kai Koehne says:

I only see posters asking for bug fixes and new features (qtwebkit update etc). That’s the opposite of ‘stability’ in my books.

Ross Bencina says:

bug fixes == stability

Brad Yan says:

Good job!Hope Qt5 is powerful enough to create greate apps!
otherwise,does the linux distributions(like ubuntu)want qt5?

Sandy says:

Has Windows XP support been tested with Visual Studio 2012 Update 1?

LongJammer says:

“We are working to provide an open source SDK through the Qt Project after Qt 5.0.0 is out.” Why would you not be working to? What is your agenda Digia?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@LongJammer: Did not quite capture your question. What I wanted to say is that there will be an online SDK for open-source users during Q1/13. Before that releases are available as stand alone installers of Qt 4.8, and Qt 5.0 is an offline SDK.

Andy Brice says:

I wasted an hour trying to get the .zip source version to build on Mac. I finally discovered that only the .tar.gz version builds on Mac. Grrrr. It would be helpful if that was commented somewhere, e.g. on the downloads page.

Erdem says:

Thank you Qt team.

We, as the user community, should be well aware that all those good jobs made by qt-project and Digia teams are very valuable since they help to keep the best opensource and free c++ gui/system framework available for us.

And I would like to see some more continuation of qt 4.8 streamline support. I think this is important since there are some serious differences between 4.8 and 5. For example it will be good to see the sdk for 4.8.4 as Tuukka has given schedule for.

Cool! Good job. .thanks anyway for the information.

Miki says:

Hello, thank you for release!
I would like to now, how was the precompiled Qt 4.8.4 for Windows VS 2010 build? Which options were used for configure?
Because, we compiled our Qt 4.8.4 for Win x64 with “configure.exe -opensource -platform win32-msvc2010 -no-qt3support -debug-and-release” and now we are unable to compile application, that uses TurboActivate static library, because of following error:
error LNK2005: inflateReset already defined in QtCore4.lib(QtCore4.dll)
more info about error

But using default prebuild Qt 4.8.4 x86 is working well. I found out, that inflateReset is in zlib 3rd party library, so should the configuration option “-system-zlib” helped for new compilation of Qt 4.8.4. as x64 for Windows with VS 2010?

Thank you for answer!

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