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Qt 5.0 Release Candidate

Published Thursday December 6th, 2012
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I’m very happy to announce that the first release candidate for Qt 5.0.0 has just been released.

Since the release of the second beta around 4 weeks ago we’ve made tremendous progress in stabilizing Qt and getting all the remaining pieces in place. While we have over the last couple of weeks fixed hundreds of bugs in the code base, most of the focus has actually been on polishing the usability of the product. The product structure and feature set is pretty much what we already have announced with the second beta. But apart from pure bug fixes there are still a couple of things that are new.

We have been completely restructuring the Qt documentation to make it easier to access. Please have a look and check out the new docs. We hope that they will make it easier to find your way and access the information you’re searching for.

The examples have also received a lot of love to make sure it is easy to get started with Qt. They can be easily accessed, build and launched from Qt Creator’s Welcome screen.

A final set of a few additional API changes has also made it into the release candidate. This release fixes the API set for Qt 5.0. Between now and the final release we will only make very minor adjustments to the API.

All of these change classes and methods that have been introduced with Qt 5.0, and with thus not affect you if you are porting your application from Qt 4. The list of changes from Qt 4 are described in the changelog. We have worked hard to keep that set of changes as small as possible so that it is very easy to bring your application over to Qt 5.

We are feeling confident that the release candidate is getting pretty close to the Qt 5.0 final release and would thus like to invite you all to give it a try. Please use the time now to report any issues you find back to us. There are a few bugs and problems we know about. You can find those at the known issues page.

We’re aiming to move towards a 5.0.0 final release as quickly as possible now. If we don’t hear about or find any large issues with the release candidate, we hope to be able to release it as 5.0.0 in about a week from now. Otherwise, we are aiming at fixing the bugs that show up and release a new RC in maybe a week from now.



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Sylv says:

Congratulations, thank all the devs for the work done.

Naoufel says:


christoph says:

With the restructured doc site, I can no longer use a web shortcut to get to the page of a class. I used e.g. “qt qwidget” to go to and it would be nice to have it work in qt 5 docs, too.

Venu says:

That’s because the documentation in Qt 5.0 is modularized. The URL for any class reference page must include the module name. For example, the QWidget is part of the QtWidgets module so the URL would be,

christoph says:

Yes, but it should be possible to create a single folder somewhere on the server, which links to all classes, without knowing the module.

Wojciech Cierpucha says:

Wow, 5.0.0 Final is very close. Congratulations on getting the first RC out!

k0p4 says:

Congratulations! And thanks for so hard work!

smoggy says:

Long live tha cuteness !

Congratulations, Thanks for all the developers that’s the best work ๐Ÿ˜‰

Scorp1us says:

Take your time. I wouldn’t mind a 1/1/2013 release, or even a 12/21/2012 or 12/20/2012 or 20/12/2012 release.
I’m for 1/1/2013 or 20/12/2012

Have the exported functions (like qt_mac_set_dock_menu) been restored? They weren’t in the beta but was told that they (or something like them) would be restored.

Jason says:

First, congratulations!

Second, there are certain packages missing from the RC that were in the beta, such as Qt3D, QtLocation, etc. Are these packages deprecated or is there a separate place to get these from now? If so, can anyone give me a link? Thanks!

JKSH says:

Those packages either (i) lack active maintainers, or (ii) are not of high enough quality yet. They are still available at and will be put into an official package (e.g. Qt 5.1) once they are are ready.

Markus says:

Any words on VS2012 Support (especially build files), would be very much appreciated.

Fabio says:

Windows installer does contain mingw precompiled binaries (and hopefully the compiler iteslf) or only vc2010?
If not, the final Qt5 does compile with mingw under windows? If yes, what version?

Is there a plan to release a beta of a complete sdk including the last 4.x Qt and the new Qt5 each with one (or two) compatible mingw compiler included?

Thank you for all, I just review some of my code reading the changelog… ๐Ÿ™‚

Robin Lobel says:

Congratulation !

Is there a reason why you kept classes such as QGLWidget, QGLFormat without renaming them to QOpenGLWidget, QOpenGLFormat ? This is a little bit confusion since all other QGL* have been renamed to QOpenGL*

Albert says:

Thanks a lot, after a small but very happy experience with Qt 4.8 I’m getting all my (small) development team to adopt Qt starting with version 5.0. It’s a pleasure to see how much effort you’re putting on this work!

Ellis Lee says:

Congratulation !!
And thanks for every developer ๐Ÿ™‚

Hamad says:

Am I the only one here who suffers from the new Mac retina display ?!

Jens says:

What is the problem your are having with retina? It should already work for native widgets ( as well as QML in the final release. If this is not currently working for you, please report it as a bug.

Hamad says:

Thanks Jens, In fact the code and widgets are sharp. I have a little concern about the icons in Qt Creator aren’t smooth. I would like to thanks all folks behind Qt 5.0 who delivered this great product as well.

Jens says:

Good to hear it is not a technical problem. Unfortunately we dont have retina designsfor the icons in Creator yet.

jimmy says:

Still trying to find out info about how PySide fits into all of this.

Scorp1us says:

It doesn’t PySide are jsut python wrappers to implement PyQt with LGPL licensing. Since then QML was started and moved to main focus. So PySide is kind of like an appendix. That being said, I still think Python+Qt is the best thing since English Muffins. But QML is just as cool. Given the momentum of QML, I’d focus on using that.

jimmy says:

I don’t know where you get your information but PySide has absolutely nothing to do with PyQt. If you are not officially part of Digia, please stop posting garbage like this. It’s not helpful.

Serge says:

Thank you for keeping up the best and the most promising framework ever! Hope to invest some of my efforts into its development when I gain enough experience and knowledge! ๐Ÿ™‚ Please take a closer look into the desktop support, features and modern widgets!

xiers says:

Thanks!Will the final release 5 support the 64-bit windows os perfect ?

Valdemar Kjรฆr says:

Santa is wearing green this Christmas. Thanks!

Brad Yan says:

Congratulations!Hope qt5 can success in the furture!Good job,developers.

toby says:

Congratulations, thank all the devs for the work done.

Albert says:

I’ve got a question: will the final release be packaged in a 4.9 fashion? I mean: I found quite smart, while working with the 4.8 release, to download and install different packages for the Qt library itself (and I really appreciate the option to immediatly run the precompiled demo) and for Qt Creator. I’ve seen there’s no compiled demo and there’s Qt Creator in the 5.0 RC package, so I wonder if it will stay this way.

Albert says:

Well, of course I mean 4.8, not 4.9! ๐Ÿ™‚

Marcin says:

Hi. Awesome work. But what’s happened with gtk style on Linux? It Isn’t available at the moment? What about Ubuntu installer with additional patches (global menu, …)?

Marcin says:

Gtk style is still there and should be used by default on a vanilla Ubuntu system. If not, please file an appropriate bug against the RC.

Uwe says:

I’ve wondered for some time why QAbstractSocket and QLocalSocket don’t have a common super class (apart from QIODevice). They have some methods in common and in MeVisLab we really have some code that needs to support both. The code would be cleaner in some places if we didn’t have to distinguish between the two. Of course, at other places it wouldn’t help, so it’s no big thing, just wondering.

fonzi337 says:

I was wondering the same thing. I posted this question in the development mailinglist a few weeks ago, but from what I gathered, this wasn’t deemed important enough to add this soon before 5.0 release. It is a shame, as I have a similar use case as yours, where the client code would clean up and benefit from a common abstract socket class of some sort.

Gordon says:

The docs landing page needs fixing: (viewed with Firefox 16.01, Win7 x64)

Also please include make specs for msvc2012 if that’s not already been done.

Gordon says:

Replying to myslef, the docs page looks to be fixed now, thanks. Also there’s a mkspecs/win32-msvc2012 folder in the gitorious repo if anyone else was wondering about that.

Vasily Shchukin says:

My congratulations! Thanks to the devs for improving great Qt framework!

P.S.: I found some problem after building statically “Qt 5.0 RC” from git and reported a bug:

David says:

Will Qt 5 ship with Qt Quick desktop components?

I think that’s slated for Qt 5.1. Not entirely certain though.

Will there be Windows MinGW binaries for Qt 5 Final?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Dimitar Dobrev: MinGW is a work in progress. If it is not available for the final, then it will come with 5.0.x release.

Please consider changing the documentation links for classes. The new scheme includes the module name the class belongs to which makes it very difficult to provide online links (e.g. automated by web software) to Qt classes without hardcoding mappings between classes and their modules. While this might not be top priority for developers, it will break a lot of online material that links to Qt Reference Manual. I understand the current scheme tries to keep the namespaces clean but this happens at a great cost for all online Qt communities.

J-P Nurmi says:

Witold, perhaps you could utilize the .qch (SQLite) files?

Feels like scratching right ear with a left hand. It’s a lot of additional work for the engine and requires updating with every Qt version update. However it’s a step forward if I don’t find an alternative solution.

Cesar says:

Is there a possibility to have SPARC support in Qt5?

According to posts found regarding qt, a well done cross-compile could do the trick

Any comments?

Cesar says:

FWIW, sparc architecture is still pretty used in mission-critical servers.

Malek says:

QWidget::setWindowOpacity don’t work ๐Ÿ™

Malek says:

QWidget::setWindowOpacity don’t work

Juliรกn says:

Will you include the MinGW preconfigured as with QTCreator 4.8?

anton says:

Will there be support for Visual Studio 2008?

I am still using it since I use a lot of python on windows

and since the official python windows binarier are compilet with Visual Studio 2008.

I ask because the 5.0RC has only binarier for Visual Studio 2010


Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@anton: VS2008 should work, but it is not planned to include pre-built binaries for it.

Anton says:

OK, so another question.

If I download the sources
– can I build the whole stuff with my vs2008 compiler?
– ist there a vs2008 solution to load & to compile
– are all dependencies contained in the source versions?

I ask before I start to waste my time to do something which might not work
(or to hang the whole day around searching & download external dependencies)

Actually I use c# but I wanted to give qt a try ….


dlfo says:

Great! But please remove extra duplicate disclaimers from code snippets, as seen in pages like this:

dlfo says:

Unfortunately this is not fixed yet.

zcrendel says:

Guys, please fix ASAP or give any clue of where to dig to fix it by myself.

Currently what I saw – for all classes (adapters) which shall be exported from qt5webkit.dll for qt5webkitwidgets.dll __attribute__(dllexport) was setup properly, thus I have no clue – what produces the problem ๐Ÿ™

zcrendel says:

Guys I was able to build webkit along with mingw 4.7.2, please check latest comment on the link above. Hope this help you to release mingw compiled Qt soon. Thanks!

Alexxey593 says:

All examples files in Windows version are empty…
Using Windows 7 x64, MSVC 2010.
When compiling default Gui Application, there are errors:

MAKEFILE_GENERATOR variable not set as a result of parsing : Possibly qmake was not able to find files included using "include(..)" - enable qmake debugging to investigate more.
22:10:14: The process "C:\Qt\Qt5.0.0-rc1\5.0.0-rc1\msvc2010\bin\qmake.exe" exited with code 3.
Error while building/deploying project untitled2 (kit: Desktop Qt 5.0.0-rc1 MSVC2010 32bit (SDK))
When executing step 'qmake'

Andre' says:

Which qmake did you execute?

Alexxey593 says:

I used qmake from this release. I tryed QtCreators from this distributive and 2.5.2 version. Beta versions of Qt5 were fine, but this rc1 doesn’t build applications…

Robin Lobel says:

What will be the precompiled binaries for Windows ?
I guess weโ€™ll have MingW32 and MSVC2010-32, then what can we expect ? MingW64, MSVC2010-64, MSVC2012-32, MSVC2012-64 ?

zcrendel says:

Dear developers I’ve found an qtwebkit flash problem and provided a fix for it, please review and accept. Thanks!

Java Geek says:

This is one of hte most stable release in its life cycle.

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