Qt Contributors Summit 2013 – Please register

Published Tuesday May 14th, 2013
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Guggenheim mirror balls
Guggenheim mirror balls

Registration for the Qt Contributors Summit 2013 is now open.

Before going into details, I’ve added a photo of the The Guggenheim mirror balls right outside the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. It can symbolise how every Qt contributor is linked together, working on the same project, using the summit to reflect on how Qt can be developed even better. Ok, Knut, snap out of it. Over to the practicalities.

Qt Contributors Summit 2013 registration is easy. Just use the Qt CS registration form.

Since the Qt Contributors Summit is an invitation-only event, please make sure you fit into one or more of the following before registering:

  • You are a Qt Project maintainer
  • You are a Qt Project approver
  • You took part in the previous Summit (Attendees at Qt CS 2012)
  • You took a sponsorship package including event invitations (coming soon)
  • You are in the organization team.
  • You are invited by a maintainer or the organization team and we still have seats left.
  • KDE Akademy contributor

Please add sessions unconference style

Since the main idea for the Qt CS is to let developers meet and make solutions, now is the time to pre-schedule sessions on the Qt CS program wiki. Please press “Join group” at the top of the wiki-page. We will  give you wiki-access as soon as possible and add you to the group.

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Posted in Community, Contributors, KDE


Anna says:

Why would anyone want to be part of something with a bunch of liers that enjoy to exploit others-

hamid says:


Lilian says:

Your comment doesn’t make any sense.

Jukka says:

She means that you are all being used by this company.

TeroL says:

you can always look in glassdoor if you do not believe them, but that is basically how digia worked for ten years..

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Anna, Jukka, TeroL: I think your opinion has been heard already many times. At least for me it does not add any value that you comment same thing to every post. It also does not make your opinion any more valid that you post it many times or with several nicknames. But I am happy to see that you are an active reader of our blog.

Kaitsu says:

@Tuukka, +1 from me to reduce nonsense comments. Negative opinions / bugs / missing features etc. of course allowed, that’s the way to improve.

I attended into first Qt Contributors Summit 2011 and can recommend it to everyone! Contributors summit & devdays are best places for live interaction with fellow Qt developers!

Tore Frej says:

You all should go read old news about your employer, in order to prevent a gigantic delusion in the future.

Suchart Somchai says:

Remember that contract you signed that says everything you do is your employer property? I guess that pretty much says it all…

BogDan says:

Some people are unbelievable frustrated 🙂 !!!
Dear Anna, Jukka, TeroL, etc. I think you misunderstood the meaning of this summit, this is *NOT* a summit for anyone. This summit is for all *contributors* who have done something so great that they *deserve* to be there, in other words you MUST own the honor to be invited to this summit. I’m pretty sure that none of you three deserve to be there that why you are trying to minimize the importance of this summit.

Comments like “bunch of liers that enjoy to exploit others”, “used by this company”, etc. insults me (and most probably most of contributors). I began my work long before Digia took Qt from Nokia, I didn’t do it for Digia or for Nokia, I released first Qt Android SDK two weeks after Nokia announced their very stupid partnership with Microsoft, and I express my in public my feelings about Nokia.

I had the honor to be invited and to attend to all Contributors Summit and for your information I didn’t felt exploited/used at all, I felt PROUD ! I am PROUD because my work is appreciate by the very best people in this field !

I really don’t see anything wrong if Digia wants to thank us for our work, actually I think is a very nice thing because nobody is forcing them to do it but they are still doing it !

JP says:

Looks like some posts are mysteriously disappearing. Perhaps saying truthful things are not allowed anymore. How you feel is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is how they *see* their *employees*. They will sell Qt for the highest bidder and transfer you all to another company, or perhaps they will come with a new crisis to fire a bunch of people and tighten the control on the rest.

Akoni Ikaika says:

Sure, i get it. A summit for all the expploiteees!

Ricardo says:

Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your post seem to be running off the screen in Opera. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The style and design look great though! Hope you get the issue resolved soon. Kudos

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