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Qt 5.1 Release Candidate Available

Published Tuesday June 18th, 2013
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It has been a month since we released Qt 5.1 Beta and I am extremely happy to announce that the Qt 5.1 Release Candidate 1 is now available. Things are looking good for the release of Qt 5.1.0, which we aim to have out in the coming weeks.

For those who have not yet checked what Qt 5.1 brings, please refer to the Qt 5.1. Beta blog post, the wiki article listing key the features, or the documentation snapshot for more details. With the Qt 5.1 RC1 we are also introducing new online installers that initially provide Qt 5.0.2 and Qt 5.1 RC1 content. Later on we will add more releases to be available via the online installers.

The key new items in the RC1 since the Beta are:

  • Online installers available for Mac, Windows and Linux hosts
  • Windows 32bit as well as 32bit and 64 bit Linux host support for Android
  • MinGW toolchain updated to version 4.8.0
  • 32bit VS2012 installer available, and all VS2012 packages built with the SP2 update
  • Perl dependency removed for building Qt (still remains as requirement for building WebKit)

As well as a large number of fixes done based on the feedback from the Beta.

Please take Qt 5.1 RC1 for a spin and send us feedback:

Both online and offline installers are available for the Qt 5.1 Release Candidate 1, which can be downloaded from the Digia Qt Customer Portal or from download.qt-project.org (online or offline) for open-source users.


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Posted in Qt, Qt SDK, Releases


TheBootroo says:

Great ! I was expecting the online installers since the 5.0 !! Good work.

Fabio says:

Hello, great news!
Do you know if the support for Android will work on Windows7 64bit by using the 32 bit syswow64 compatibility layer?

7 says:

Has anyone tried android support on windows?

For me creator immediately crashes when I try to run a project on an android device.

NeoCode says:

You do not think about to add clang (including for windows) as a compiler for Qt? Then Qt Creator will be the first development environment that supports the three common C++ compilers (msvc, gcc / mingw and clang).

Kai Koehne says:

Clang on Windows is still pretty experimental, see e.g. http://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=11170 .

That said, if at one point clang becomes superiour to gcc on MinGW, we might consider switching. But I guess nobody is keen on supporting yet another configuration just for the heck of it 😉

7 says:

Clang has already caught up with GCC in terms of performance, the only areas where it lags is in applications that utilize OpenMP, which LLVM does not yet support, other than that performance is comparable.

And in terms of language features Clang is actually ahead of GCC – Clang already implements the full C++11 standard and is already working in the next one, while GCC is yet to fully support C++11.

So one might say Clang has already surpassed GCC – comparable performance, more features, plus compilation is MUCH MUCH faster and less resource hungry with LLVM. Not to mention the JIT compilation and the possibilities for rapid prototyping it opens.

Rock says:

What about portability?

7 says:

Microsoft compilers are actively used and they are as far from portable as it gets, I don’t see an issue here, Clang will logically serve the needs of mostly Mac users.

That being said, people have ported Clang and LLVM to windows, I haven’t tried it myself but it should be doable, LLVM has been designed with portability in mind.

In fact Clang 3.3 is reported to being close to building the Linux kernel, so I guess it won’t be long before it spreads to platforms other than Mac.

Igor Lifanov says:

For the C++11 status in GCC check this link http://gcc.gnu.org/projects/cxx0x.html
As you can see, you are wrong.

7 says:

My bad, it seems GCC has progressed a bit since the last time I checked its C++11 progress, which was a few months back.

But Clang is still ahead, and its advantage will only get more and more pronounced. GCC is an old, bloated and morally obsolete infrastructure, even the rewriting in C++ wasn’t much help. LLVM is very cleverly designed, compared to GCC, it is incredible flexible, and it is not a month or two some new and extremely promising LLVM project pops.

anon says:

You must be some clang evangelist or something…

7 says:

Surely, the fact that I never used it is probably unrelated. Or maybe I want faster compilation and JIT compilation because it is good to have those?

Ray Donnelly says:


Yes it works.


Please replace your adb.exe with the one in:


Fabio says:

Thank you Ray.

7 says:

OK, here is my “progress” so far:

No app managed to deploy to the simulator, tried a few different version just to make sure. Th emulator just starts but nothing else happens, even after 10 minutes of waiting, I finally shut down the simulator just to get a deployment error in creator, which BTW is NOT RESPONDING the entire time.

After the failure with the simulator I decided to go for a physical device, installed the usb drivers from the manufacturer, enabled usb debugging, connected the tablet to the PC and tried to deploy to it. The result:

:-1: error: Packaging Error: Command ‘D:/Android/apache-ant-1.9.0/bin/ant.bat clean debug’ failed.Exit code: 1

Replacing the adb.exe didn’t do much help either.

So, any other ideas?

7 says:

Ah got it, you need to set a JAVA_HOME environment variable that needs to point to the jdk installation.

It appear to deploy now, but the process is terribly slow, compiling and deploying a hello world app takes about 2 minutes, which is insane for a i7 3770k @4.5 Ghz, 16 GB ram and samsung 830 ssd.

7 says:

Make that 4 minutes for a simple hello world QML app…

There is something fishy with this Creator, at least from the android package, it lags as hell, there is like 30 seconds of lock-up when a project is created (I guess no one made the parsing asynchronous?), but even after the parsing creator is terribly slow, cannot even move the window without tearing, and what is worse, this spreads to plague other applications as well… The whole PC runs as cr@p while creator is running, I can only imagine the experience this would create on a slower machine…

dipesh says:


“As for general slowness, keep in mind the emulator is running a large amount of Java code, that’s compiling to ARM, that’s calling into a software emulated graphics device, all emulated on an x86 desktop OS”

My suggestion: hack on a device and not use the emulator if you not have to.

7 says:

You misunderstood, I get the lag both with the emulator and a real physical device. I don’t mean the emulator is sluggish, but my entire PC becomes lagged and unresponsive when creator opens an android project.

Rock says:

I have the same error message(api 11), could you tell me how should I set the environment path correctly?

7 says:

I never really got to run an application on the emulator, I settled for running on a physical device – its better than nothing, plus it is a lot more responsive.

In my case, the steps were the following:

Android SDK
JAVA_HOME envar to the JDK install path
USB debug driver
Enable debug on device
Plug USB
Run Creator
Compile hello world for like 3-4 minutes
Hello world on device – success…

Rock says:

I add one more system variable “JAVA_HOME” and point to the point to the jdk installation, the error message become “Starting remote process.Unable to start ‘org.qtproject.example.maroon’.” on the emulator.

HGH says:

But there is MinGW 4.8.1 now why stick to 4.8.0?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@HGH: There is certain slowness to take on new compilers for the official binaries due to the effort it requires to get all the related things done.

HGH says:

I guess so. So x.x.1 compiler will be available in the Qt x.x.1

HGH says:

People complained that their Qt 5.0 apps for BB10 did’t work with Qt 5.1 compiled from source a couple of weeks ago. Does Qt 5.1 work on BB10 now?

Rock says:

I do want to know the date when the BB10 will support Qt5 officially.Android and ios are almost there, but we don’t hear much about BB10.

Giovanni says:

I’m speaking thru blackberry forum with developer on Qt5. They told me they are actively working on Qt5 for BB but no notice about official firmware integration

Lilian says:

Just this morning I was thinking that in the Beta blog post it was promised that Qt 5.1 will come before summer(by the end of May) and it still didn’t came out.
Release Candidate is ok with me, thanks!

Although I have a problem. Is QtMultimedia in Qt 5.1 supporting capturing from camera on Android?
If not, who knows some cross-platform C++ library that could that on desktop and Android? I need it for my thesis.

7 says:

Use OpenCV – I know a few people that have managed to capture video on android with it, naturally it will work on windows.

Lilian says:

I would prefer to do everything in Qt if it is possible so it is easier to maintain.
QtMultimedia still doesn’t have support for camera?

Yoann Lopes says:

Camera support on Android will be in the 5.2 release.

If you want to play with it already, you can checkout the ‘wip/android’ branch of the QtMultimedia repository and build it, it already contains the camera features.

Lilian says:

I think I’ll build it from the repository… I hope it’s not a hassle and I won’t have surprises when I will present the project 🙂

danny says:

Congratulations guys!

Robin Lobel says:

Congratulation on 5.1RC, lot of stuff has been fixed since 5.0.2!

Robert says:

Whats new recording to iOS and Android support? Is QML v2 working on both platforms?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Robert: Qt Quick 2 works on Android with Qt 5.1, for iOS Qt Quick 2 comes with Qt 5.2. See the Qt 5.1 Beta blog post and documentation for more details.

7 says:

Any word on QtQuick2 performance on Android?

I tested with a very simple “app” today and motion was far from fluid.

The “app” was a really simple and lightweight QML, a solid fill background and a rectangle that moves around the screen as it scales and rotates around its axis. Only two Rectangle{} elements, a mouse area and three property bindings… it doesn’t sound like something heavy, but at least visually performance was far below 60FPS.

Lilian says:

Although the examples we’ve seen where on Nexus devices I still think that the examples demonstrate that the performance is good.
You might of done something wrong(my own opinion).

7 says:

The nexus series is quite powerful, even the cheaper ones. The nexus 10 is like the most powerful arm tablet right now if I am not mistaken.

I was testing on a meager 1GHz Tegra2 device, without Neon.

loaden says:


Julien says:

Congrats on the release candidate.

I made my first app for Android the other day using Qt Quick 2. It was so cool to have something that had worked on Windows & Linux just work on Android with a simple recompile (and some Googling!)

HGH says:

So I guess this release won’t come with Qt Creator 2.8?

HGH says:

If the Qt Creator must be always selected, will there be a way to upgraded with the online installer now or a second stand alone version will be needed as it is now.

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@HGH: The Creator version planned to be bundled in with Qt 5.1.0 offline installers is 2.7.2.

Clemens says:

The download servers are down!

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Clemens: Please try again. download.qt-project.org seems to work at least for me. If you continue to have issues, please send e-mail to sysadmin@qt-project.org

Rock says:

The android sdk has a lot of options, which one should I install?

JuhaniR says:

Do the Qt 5.1 binaries (installer, developer tools, building applications…the whole toolchain) work on OS X 10.6.8?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@JuhaniR: The pre-built binaries are for Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8, which are also reference configurations. You can run most of the things on OS X 10.6, but need to build yourself. More info e.g. at http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/qt5-stable/qtdoc/supported-platforms.html

Eric says:

I used both the beta version for Unix and Windows and it works flawlessly. I hope that many examples will be available so that developing android apps with C++ becomes very, very easy .

Rui says:

Just installed the android x86_64 on linux and it compiles for desktop but when I try to compile for android it gives me a “5.1.0-rc1/android_armv7/include/QtCore/qglobal.h:46:20: fatal error: stddef.h: No such file or directory” when I try to compile for android! Any clues?

Rui says:

I fixed it and got the hello world program running on my phone. Debian x64 (Qt5.1rc Android GNU/Linux x64)

I just added an ” INCLUDE += /path/” to the .pro file with the path to where the stddef.h was on the android SDK,

Another problem came up after that the JAVA_HOME variable wasnt set correctly, it kept showing “pathtojava/bin/java/bin/java”. In Tools -> Options -> Android on the OpenJDK location you have to manually remove the “/bin/java” in the java path because it appends it automatically when building causing “pathtojava/bin/java/bin/java” instead of “pathtojava/bin/java”.

I think these might both be bugs

Rui says:

Just installed the android x86_64 on linux and it compiles for desktop but when I try to compile for android it gives me a “5.1.0-rc1/android_armv7/include/QtCore/qglobal.h:46:20: fatal error: stddef.h: No such file or directory” when I try to compile for android! Any clues?

Robert says:

What about API porting for Android and iOS?

Adrian Gabureanu says:

I have some quick questions about this release.

1) Are there any QML elements to play wav-s and mp3-s in Qt Quick 1 on Android? What about Qt Quick 2 on Android?

2) Are there any QML elements to play wav-s and mp3-s in Qt Quick 1 on iOS?

Yoann Lopes says:

You can use the QML ‘MediaPlayer’ item to play audio files.

In 5.1, it’s usable only on Android. iOS support will come in 5.2.

Adrian Gabureanu says:

I have tried different approaches on Android with QML MediaPlayer on a Nexus 10 with no success whatsoever: http://pastebin.com/gWTP1fxd .

What is the right approach?

Yoann Lopes says:

The ‘source’ property is a URL, you have to prefix your path with “file://”.

Adrian Gabureanu says:

Indeed, it works!

But I didn’t manage to get it working with audio files shipped with the app. Whether I put the audio files in the resources or inside the qml deployment folder, I get the message that the D/MediaPlayer(22702): Couldn’t open file on client side, trying server side. These audio files remain archived inside the apk and MediaPlayer doesn’t seem to have any access to them. Is there a way to play audio files shipped with the app ?

Yoann Lopes says:

Playing files embedded in the application using the Qt resource system is not supported. However you can use the Android assets system, and prefix the URL with ‘assets://’. Apparently this is not working in 5.1 but it will in the next releases.

Chris says:

is there gonna be mingw64 supported?

Kai Koehne says:

There will be no official binary installers for mingw-w64 64 bit with 5.1.0. However, the mingw-builds developers themselves host a 64 bit build : http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingwbuilds/files/external-binary-packages/Qt-Builds/ . You can of course also compile on your own, from source.

Steve says:

Still no static builds for QML applications? I thought with the emphasis on QML you wouldn’t have released 5.1 without it.

At the very least you should make a step-by-step walkthrough for whatever hacks or workarounds we need to use to get something close to a static binary application.

Danny says:

OSX offline installer doesn’t work:

“Error while elevating access rights”

Might be because it’s still not signed.

Danny says:

I was trying to install to /Developer which apparently the installer can’t do.

Worked around it by launching the installer process via sudo in the terminal.

Danny says:

Ok second problem on OSX.

When I try to build a default project with the 5.1 kit, Creator reports:

Project ERROR: Xcode is not installed in /Developer/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer. Please use xcode-select to choose Xcode installation path.

What is ‘xcode-select’?

Also XCode hasn’t installed to /Developer since version 4.0. In fact there is no installer and you download the self-contained .app bundle from the app store (which copies it to /Applications).

If I switch back to my 5.0.1 kit, all is well. Not impressed so far.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

xcode-select is a standard Mac developer command line tool that is installed together with Xcode, and is used to manage switching between Xcode installs (together with xcrun) Obviously your xcode-select claims that your Xcode is installed in /Developer. Probably some remnant of older times, and for some reason Xcode failed to tell it about reality. Just run “xcode-select –switch <xcodepath>”

Qt 5.1 resolves tool chain paths to the Xcode bundle (since the tools are bundled in Xcode since 4.0 and not installed into PATH by default)

danny says:

This is odd because my machine is brand new and I never installed XCode to /Developer…

Dan says:

Right after I installed, QtCreator can create a new project in D drive (system drive is C drive), where I store all working projects.
But after I restarted, it cannot create a new project in D drive anymore.
A popup dialog appear: File Generation Failure,
“Unable to create the directory D:\Work\untitled”

Anyone got this problem?

Kai Koehne Kai Koehne says:

This is caused by https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-31862 . Setting your working directory to D: before launching should help.

Dan says:

Please help to show me where to change the working directory

M.S. Babaei says:

Actually it’s been a while that I’m using 5.1.0-rc1 snapshots and it is pretty stable on desktop.
I hope for the same level of support and stability on Android (haven’t tried yet).

Thanks for the release anyway.

Serge says:

Congratulations! 🙂 VS2010 x64, please?

Giovanni says:

Doens’t work on win8…even I have set all parameters for android, when I create a mobile project it still give me no kits are available (but there are)

Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt says:

The “Mobile Project” is an left-over in Creator which mistakenly reports Android as a supported platform. It will be removed in Qt Creator 2.8, but until then it will continue to cause a bit of confusion, unfortunately.

More about this here: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-9590

To make a project that runs on an Android device, just make any regular project such as “Qt Quick 2 Application”, “Qt Gui Application”, “Empty Qt Project”, etc.

Select an Android-based Kit for building it and you should be ready to go.


Very good!
QSoundEffect on android works?

Yoann Lopes says:

Support for low-latency audio will be included in the 5.2 release (QAudioInput, QAudioOutput, QSoundEffect).

Gennon says:

I ran into some problems while trying to set up Qt for Android on Win8. I finally got it to work, and made a guide for anyone else in need:



Jean says:

I think it should be improved in the installer compatibility database, because to run the plugin for MySQL is a war, then I think it should be something more friendly, since the installer.

Tonu Jaansoo says:

Looks like new Q_PROPERTY keyword MEMBER is something that I have always wanted. I created a tool to generate those QML interfacing C++ class files from descriptions. To add a new property to a class is now a snap.

bman says:

Will there by a plain MinGW version of Qt instead of the MinGW-builds version?

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this with mingw-builds versions of Qt. When I debug with through QtCreator using the compiled debugger at “http://builds.qt-project.org/job/gdb-windows/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/dist/gdb/qtcreator-gdb-7.5-mingw32_nt-6.1-i686.tar.gz” the application runs incredibly slow – minutes to start. The problem seems to be that it loads and unloads all DLLs it sees in the path. Debugging is impossible it’s so sluggish. I’ve been holding back on Qt5 for this reason alone. [Before anyone says anything about compiling myself – I was hoping for an precompiled binary of the Qt package].

Anshul says:

I have the faced the same problem.
Infact emulator does not even work on Windows.

This problem was not seen when i was using Necessitas installer on windows.

Is there any idea if this problem will get resolved in official release of 5.1?

also if i have to fix now, how to do it.

Kai Koehne says:

You should usually use the gdb that’s part of Mingw-builds. Anyhow, there’s indeed something fishy with the startup times in newer gdb versions, especially when you’ve been setting breakpoints in advance … How about creating a bug report, so this can be properly tracked?

About mingw.org … The mingw-builds project is _very_ responsive regarding bugs, so let’s rather work with them to fix issues instead of adding yet another installer to the mix 🙂

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