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Qt 4.8.5 Released

Published Tuesday July 2nd, 2013
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Today we have released Qt 4.8.5 bringing close to 400 improvements over the previous release in the Qt 4.8 series, including important security updates and error corrections. As a patch release it does not add new functionality and maintains full compatibility with the Qt 4.8.x releases.

Qt 4.8.5 provides overall close to 400 improvements, for example:

  • 35 fixes to Qt Core module
  • 65 fixes to Qt Gui module
  • 21 Mac OS X specific fixes
  • 15 Windows specific fixes
  • 8 Linux/X11 specific fixes
  • Webkit upgrade to 2.2.4 (minor improvements)
  • Change all shmget calls to user-only memory (security)
  • Several important fixes for the VxWorks port in the Qt Enterprise version, see blog post for details on VxWorks improvements

A detailed list of the fixes and improvements in Qt 4.8.5 compared to Qt 4.8.4 can be found here.

Qt 4.8.5 is now tagged in the Qt Project repository. The source packages and stand-alone installers for Qt 4.8.5 are available for download from the Qt Project for open-source users, as well as via the Customer Portal for Qt Enterprise licensees. For Qt Enterprise licensees there is also an online SDK update available for Qt 4.8.5.

The new online installers used in conjunction with Qt 5.1 are equipped to handle also Qt 4.8 content, but some ‘housekeeping’ is needed before it can be included. We are planning to add Qt 4.8.5 to be available through the new Qt Enterprise online installers later, most likely around September.

Qt 4.8 is still actively used, and we are providing patch releases to it also after Qt 4.8.5. Many users have already taken Qt 5 for a spin and with the new Qt 5.1 available soon, we encourage also the others to do so. But there is no panic to jump away from Qt 4.8 immediately. It remains supported and you can take the steps towards Qt 5 according to your own schedule. With high degree of source compatibility, we want to make switching to Qt 5 smooth and straightforward.


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Posted in Announcements, Qt, Releases, WebKit


Francesc says:

Good news!

One question is despite it is announced that will no jump away from Qt 4.8 immediately, exists a roadmap to know where it will done?

Robin Lobel says:

I’ve been using Qt4 for 3 years, but made the jump to Qt5 late 2012 and after 6 months using it I found Qt 5.1RC2 to be finally mature 🙂
99% of the bugs that made Qt5 pretty unstable/unpredictable compared to Qt 4.8 are now fixed, and I enjoy a lot the improvements. And still I’m a desktop developer, can’t wait to discover the mobile side of it !

Robin Lobel says:

(99% is a bit exagerated by I can definitely see a huge improvement between let’s say Qt 5.0.x and Qt5.1RC2 – and Qt5.1.1 looks even more promising)

Don’t worry about the actual ratio. 78% of statistics are made up.

M.S. Babaei says:

Good job!

Despite the fact that I felt for 5.1 and it seems to be pretty stable now, but from time to time I have to build older code on 4.8.x series which makes this release very useful.

Chris Dähn says:


I would love to see a link to the Changelog in every release announcement – ok, it’s just for convenience (I’m able to search the download areas for it – or wait till someone else asks for it) 😉


Chris Dähn says:

Update: There isn’t a Changelog on the download sites (for commercial customers), so I had to use Google to find this document inside Git:

Would be great, if commercial customers could get an overview about the changes to their mission critical backend toolkit (Qt) 😉

Best Regards,

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Chris Dähn: True. I added only the open-source changelog to the blog post. Qt Enterprise users have the changelog within the customer portal.

Chris Dähn says:

…I found it under “changes-4.8.5” as plaintext… but for all 5.x versions no such changes file exists, nor the beautiful html changelogs (seems to exist for opensource users only).

Besides: The Salesforce is a big pain…

Best Regards,

David says:

Anyone uses Qt 4.8 on a Mac? I have reported a bug (https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-30502) that makes unusable Qt when using the native toolbar. This release has not fixed it (not a surprise as the bug have not been checked even when it’s trivial to reproduce).



Will Stokes says:

I use Qt4.8.4 Cocoa/Mac and have not seen that problem. Perhaps if you called setUnifiedTitleAndToolBarOnMac *after* you added the toolbar things would work properly? That’s what I do.

Also, when constructing your 2nd toolbar, perhaps you should not pass &win to the constructor and let addToolBar reparent the toolbar. In my application I basically am doing that, creating a toolbar with parent set to NULL, then adding and then setting the main window to use a unified toolbar.

David says:


Thanks a lot, the problem was on the combo set as the main window central widget. If it is created with no parent it works fine (as it works in 4.7). I will close the bug with this info.

By the way, if you come to Barcelona, it will be a pleasure to buy you some drinks and tapas.



Congrats on this 4.8.x update! Alas, I’m stuck with 4.8.2 because of this: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-27634

Anant Kamath says:

What version of MinGW is the precompiled MinGW version of Qt 4.8.5 still supposed to work with ?

Like 4.8.4 was supposed to work with mingw 4.4 ?

Qt4iOS says:

There are pre-built Qt for iOS SDKs for Qt 4.8.5/5.0.2/5.10 available from the Mediator Software website (as well as source code). These SDKs contain additional functionality and bug fixes (for iOS) that are not present in the official releases (yet).

Drive Tape says:

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up to date daily.

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