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Qt Contributors Summit 2013 Summary

Published Thursday August 22nd, 2013
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It’s now been a little over a month since we had the Qt Contributors Summit in Bilbao, where more then a hundred people from the community met to discuss the future direction of Qt and it’s different modules and subsystems. We also had a bit of vacation time after the summit hence this slightly delayed wrap-up blog post.

As you know, the Qt Contributors Summit was co-located with KDE’s Akademy conference, which really helped having discussions across project boundaries. The first release of KDE frameworks 5 is planned to be using Qt 5.2, so this gave a unique opportunity to look at cooperation and how to bring Qt and the KDE frameworks closer together.

There have been a huge amount of discussions on all kinds of topics at the Qt Contributors Summit ranging from rather low level ones as e.g. how to improve the Qt object model or the networking stack up to rather high level topics such as UI adaptability and Qt Quick Controls. A lot of the session notes can be found from the program page, many others have been posted to the Qt development mailing list and can be found in the archives. Also, a series of blog posts have been posted by community members since the summit. Have a look at Planet Qt for other Qt Contributors Summit 2013 wrap-up blog posts.

All together I’m very happy with the outcome of the summit. A lot of good discussions were started, we found solutions to many problems and I believe it helped everybody who participated to get a better understanding on how we want to move Qt forward.

Last but not least, I would also like to thank the KDE project and all the volunteers helping in Bilbao. The summit wouldn’t have been possible without all their invaluable work.

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esi says:

I’m not comfortable with Qt intellisense !!!!!!?
Please work on it.


Mitch says:

There are forums, mailing lists and bug trackers for Qt Creator. Your concerns should be posted there instead.

Andre' says:

@Mitch: Default completion pop up starts with the third character, or can be triggered manually with Ctrl-Space. If had used the same code as in his VS example it would have triggered.

In any case, I fail to see the Bilbao connection.

Douglas Miller says:

Were there any comments about add-on modules coming from the Moblity Project? Was there any direction about which ones will be restored, priority, and time frame?


Alex Blasche says:

Out of the former Qt Mobility APIs, Qt 5.2 will re-introduce QtBluetooth, QtNfc and QtPositioning. QtPositioning is a split of the Positioning classes in QtLocation. The remaining QtLocation classes may come back during later releases of Qt.

Thanks for the write-up, Lars! I’m always encouraged to see the sort of close collaboration as between Qt and KDE.

Mathieu Bouchard says:

Happy to know there is work to fix the ICU problem. That’s the only thing that prevented us to ship our app with Qt 4 instead of Qt 5.

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