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Published Wednesday November 6th, 2013
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Qt 5.2 coming in December brings full iOS support with it, but obviously you don’t want to just develop with Qt, you also want to use the best IDE available, and that clearly means using Qt Creator ;-).
Luckily, we’ve got you covered: we have developed an iOS plugin for Qt Creator 3.0.
With it, you can develop, build, run, and debug within Qt Creator.

As Apple provides toolchains, device developer images, and other things you need only for OS X, we support only OS X as a development and deployment platform.

The plugin is still experimental, which means that you have to explicitly enable it (select Qt Creator > About Plugins).
The final packages should enable the plugin for you if you install the iOS Qt (we know that good developers are lazy…).

Once you have the plugin enabled you need:

  • Xcode with command line tools installed (Xcode > Preferences…> Downloads)
  • Qt compiled for iOS

This is enough to use the simulator. To develop on a device you also need to:

  • Acquire an Apple iOS developer certificate to be able to run on a device.
  • Open the Organizer window in Xcode (Cmd-Shift-2) and check that everything is set up correctly for your device.

Then, once you have added your iOS Qt to Qt Creator (select Qt Creator > Preferences > Build & Run > Qt Versions), everything should just work…

…except when it doesn’t. I said something about experimental, right?
For that we are counting on you: report the bugs you find!
Here are some dirty details that might be useful in the meantime if things are not fully plug and play:

  • Use the latest Qt version possible. For example, in the original beta-1, debugging and building with a make step are broken. When using yesterday’s package, you have to manually select the system LLDB in the kit, fix the compiler manually, and debug builds do not work (you can try to debug release builds).
  • Standalone Creator is more up to date and currently has no reported bugs in the iOS plugin (you can try to change that :).
  • Make sure to add an iOS Qt. In Qt Creator > Preferences > Build & Run > Qt Versions, you can select it and check that it is really recognized as Qt for iOS (the plugin must be enabled for this to work).
  • There is an Xcode build step that can be used in place of the make step (replace it in the Projects tab). This does not work for recursive projects, but allows more control for the build process.
  • Sometimes automatic recovery and setup fail. Removing everything and setting up again can help (but do report the problem).
  • C++ debugging uses the LLDB debugger (new in Qt Creator). QML debugging does not work yet.

That’s it… what are you still reading here? Go and try it out, and help us to have a rock solid release!

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Posted in iOS, Qt, QtCreator


syfy323 says:


is QMediaPlayer currently in progress for iOS?


famohame says:

About QMediaPlayer I think there were some issues and I am not sure it will be in 5.2, but I am more on the Creator side, so I might be wrong. Just try it out and see…

syfy323 says:

Thanks for your reply.

With the official beta 1 I get the message that the multimedia module is not available.

The most recent snapshot is not available for iOS + Mac:

The snapshot before this one is damaged (at least my mac complains about this). I downloaded it 3 times.

famohame says:

there was an issue with the Info.plist, and then signing complaining, try executing the installer from the commandline, but I see today’s ios package…

syfy323 says:

Oh, I see it now, seems like the build was running.
I am now downloading, after install I will comment feedback.

syfy323 says:

Hmmm… Still broken:

kevinolbrich@Kevins-MacBook-Pro:~/Downloads$ open qt-mac-opensource-5.2.0-beta1-ios-x86_64-offline.app
2013-11-06 19:52:39.061 open[8209:507] There was an error parsing the Info.plist for the bundle at URL Contents/Info.plist — file:///Users/kevinolbrich/Downloads/qt-mac-opensource-5.2.0-beta1-ios-x86_64-offline.app/
The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.
{type = immutable dict, count = 2,
entries =>
0 : {contents = “NSDebugDescription”} = {contents = “Encountered unknown tag value on line 20”}

Full at:

syfy323 says:

Ah, just found out how to start the installer without the rest of the package:

kevinolbrich@Kevins-MacBook-Pro:~/Downloads$ cd qt-mac-opensource-5.2.0-beta1-ios-x86_64-offline.app/Contents/
kevinolbrich@Kevins-MacBook-Pro:~/Downloads/qt-mac-opensource-5.2.0-beta1-ios-x86_64-offline.app/Contents$ ./MacOS/qt-mac-opensource-5.2.0-beta1-ios-x86_64-offline

I now have the newest SDK but still no qtmultimedia for iOS 🙁

Darryl Wallace says:

This installer did not work for me. Tried running the executable manually as syfy323 showed and nothing.

I am running Mavericks.

Somewhat disappointing 🙁

syfy323 says:

You are right, the latest snapshot is not working for me either:



syfy323 says:

I found out how to repair the package.
Just download the official beta 2 iOS package and extract the Info.plist. Then extract the newest iOS snapshot and override the Info.plist inside the bundle.

kevinolbrich@Kevins-MacBook-Pro:~/Downloads$ cd qt-mac-opensource-5.2.0-beta1-ios-x86_64-offline.app/Contents/
kevinolbrich@Kevins-MacBook-Pro:~/Downloads/qt-mac-opensource-5.2.0-beta1-ios-x86_64-offline.app/Contents$ ./MacOS/qt-mac-opensource-5.2.0-beta1-ios-x86_64-offline

…opens the installer.

Qt 5.2 for iOS without QMediaPlayer would be extremely ridiculous. How would I be supposed to play audios files!? I sure hope this is of top priority and will get fixed before the final release in December.

syfy323 says:

Same here.

It’s okay that many APIs are not yet functional, just would be nice if the basic functions would be available on release. I already started developing some iOS Apps on Qt and I must say: Wooow! Easy as I would expect from Qt. And the best: Works on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS (did not test on Android which would work, too I think).

I am watching the snapshots and plan to release my first apps when the SDK goes stable.

Darryl Wallace says:

I just tried the latest iOS installer (http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.2/5.2.0-beta1/2013-11-08_139/) and I am still met with this error:

“qt-mac-opensource-5.2.0-beta1-ios-x86-64-offline.app” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the disk image.

I am running Mavericks.

Any ideas?

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