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Qt 5.2 Release Candidate 1 Available

Published Friday November 29th, 2013
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I am happy to announce that the Qt 5.2 Release Candidate 1 is now available. We are now approaching the final steps towards Qt 5.2 final release which is planned to be released in the coming weeks.

It has been a busy month since we released Qt 5.2 Beta and we have fixed a large number of issues thanks to your feedback. Generally speaking, feedback on the Beta has been positive and we believe the Release Candidate will be even better, of course. In addition to changes in Qt 5.2, there is also Release Candidate of Qt Creator 3.0 included with the packages released today.

For those who have not yet checked what Qt 5.2 brings, please refer to the Qt 5.2. Beta1 blog post, the wiki article listing new Qt 5.2 features, or the documentation snapshot for more details.

We are confident that this release candidate is really close to final Qt 5.2 release. That’s why we invite you all to try it out. Please take it for a spin and give us feedback:

Offline installers are available for the Qt 5.2 Release Candidate 1, which can be downloaded from the Digia Qt Customer Portal or from download.qt-project.org for open-source users. The Release Candidate will not be available through the online installer, but the Qt 5.2.0 will be provided with both online and offline installers.

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Posted in Qt, Qt Project, Releases


Filip Piechocki says:

Compiling! 😀

stereomatching says:

Great news!Congratulations to the development team.

Stefan Lang says:

great guys, can’t wait to try it out

private_company says:

I can just see from the wiki that the known issues are just a couple for each platform. The real thing is that there are hundreds of bugs that still wait to be fixed (http://bit.ly/18N0san), and many of them are from our company, owning a Commercial Licence. We are wondering the benefits to have this Licence, in addition to having someone from QT Support that takes the bug reports and write it down to QT Bug Tracker System.

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@private_company: We have been working very hard to address as many bugs as possible with Qt 5.2, but you are right – there are still many important bugs waiting to be fixed in the following releases. In addition to fixing critical issues everyone is facing, we have a special focus on bugs reported by commercial licensees. Qt Support team is in regular contact with R&D, so it certainly is not about just taking the request and adding it to bug reporting system. We have very much aligned interest in making Qt work great in your application.

John says:

You say that the team is working very head to fix as many bugs as possible. Can you quantify this a bit please? How many people are fixing bugs and how many are working on new features.

My personal impression is that compared to the efforts that are put on bug fixing a tremendous amound of effort is put into quite new things like Enginio, Charts, Data Visualisation Technology…., which is usually a good thing. However compared to the past the mature Qt library is in a worrying state. There are plenty of bugs that show that even some of the core functionality is buggy. At the moment I have the impression that I have work around some many bugs in Qt that never before.

Having said that I know that not Digia, but Nokia was the cause for the current state. But I hope that Digia realizes that bug fixing should have always the highest priority.

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@John: In addition to new functionality, every Qt 5.x.x release has been addressing a large amount of bug fixes. I think we have these quite well in balance, but naturally there is always more to be done both in getting new things in as well as improving the existing functionality. I hope you try out Qt 5.2.0 and give us feedback. That way we can iron out things that are still hindering your use case. If you hold a commercial license, it is good to notify the Qt Support even in case you have created the bug yourself.

stereomatching says:

1 : The maron can’t play when you enter the game, no enemy pop out, it has no response when you touch the screen.

2 : finally the camera of qml example work, but the camera example based on QCamera can not show the image(but it could capture the image)

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@stereomatching: If there already is no bug report of these, please create such. For the Maroon game there already seems to be one: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-35210

Bruno says:

Thanks for the release !
Please, put some effort on Qt Quick Controls. So much functionality missing !!

Dasun says:

Agreed, My all new projects are using Qt Quick Components. Hope I can keep my faith in future too.

Have the problems affecting compilation on OS X Mavericks (failing to find gl.h) and the lack of the ability to set the Mac dock icon menu (present in Qt 4 but missing from Qt 5 so far) been fixed? Both blocking the update of my app to Qt 5.

Morten Johan Sørvig Morten Johan Sørvig says:

Good news! Qt 5.2 now has QMenu::setAsDockMenu() for setting the Dock menu on OS X.

I’m not familiar with the gl.h bug. Is it related to this cmake issue? QTBUG-32308?

tcris says:

great, thanks

when do we get mingw64 qt binaries?

Kai Koehne says:

It’s certainly on the mid-term wishlist, but we have to be careful to keep the number of different builds manageable …

Anyhow, the mingw-builds project itself will most likely offer prebuilt qt 5.2 packages for 64 bit once the final is there, see http://sourceforge.net/projects/mingwbuilds/files/external-binary-packages/Qt-Builds/ for previous builds.

philk says:

Where is the VS2012 x86 OpenGL installer?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@philk: If you are a commercial licensee you can download it from the Qt Enterprise customer portal. For the open-source version, please visit http://download.qt-project.org/development_releases/qt/5.2/5.2.0-rc1/. Only 64-bit version is available, 32-bit one you need to build yourself.

Jacques Beaurain says:

What are the chances of getting official 5.2 builds for Visual Studio 2013 in the near future? After a bit of struggling I manage to compile it from git myself (OpenGL desktop with webkit) and there did not seem to be any specific changes to support Visual Studio 2013 that was needed.

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Jacques Beaurain: Very good. Of course depending what one considers as near future, but we are planning to look into these after 5.2.0 is out. We have already been working for Qt 5.2 to build nicely with VS2013. For now you need to build yourself, but with Qt 5.2.x patch release or latest Qt 5.3.0 there should be VS2013 binary installers available. VS2013 support for VS Add-In is initially planned for Qt 5.3.

Jacques Beaurain says:

Great news, thanks. I did manage to get the VS Add-In working with VS 2013 but that took a bit of hacking.

Predelnik says:

Well it looks like some updates for project generator are still needed, I’m using stable branch from git and have quite a bit of the problems with project generated with msvc2013 spec.


Why not mingw 32-64 using http://mingw-w64.sourceforge.net/?

Kai Koehne says:

Actually there’s a prebuilt, MinGW-w64 based installer! Though it’s 32 bit only so far …

Kamb!z says:

Thanks for the release 🙂 i sure this is efficient.

stereomatching says:

Do qmake support some platform specific keywords for android?

something similar to
like android_armeabi{

Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt says:

No specific keywords, but for checking the target architecture you can use the ANDROID_TARGET_ARCH variable.


equals(ANDROID_TARGET_ARCH, x86) {

++Hadi++ says:

great, thanks
i believe qt 5.2 will be perfect…

Serge says:


Mikael Hermansson says:

Why no SailfishOS NFC support?

Aren’t Digia and Jolla working cooperate in this area?

Kirill says:

Great news! Is Android style available for Qt Quick Controls in this release?

fonzi337 says:

I’m wondering the same thing. The table in BogDan’s post here (http://www.kdab.com/qt-on-android-episode-1/) indicates that it should be available, but as far as I can tell, it is not available in this RC.

Also, what is the roadmap for iOS native style with the Qt Quick Controls?

In general, it would be helpful if Digia included tables similar to the ones BogDan made indicating current and future feature support for Qt on iOS and Android.

Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt says:

The Android style that Bogdan talks about in his post is a QStyle which depends on using Ministro as the deployment solution. Qt Quick Controls should use the Qt Widgets style if built with a dependency on the Qt Widgets module, and I think this is precisely how Bogdan plans to build the Ministro libraries. But this question would probably be better addressed to the KDAB blog instead.

In the SDK build of Qt there is currently no native style for Qt Quick Controls. See here for more information:


gogo says:

It does not compile with MinGW64/g++ 4.81

In file included from qwinjumplistcategory.cpp:51:0:
d:\mingw64-4.8.1\x86_64-w64-mingw32\include\shlobj.h:1653:18: error: redefinitio
In file included from qwinjumplist_p.h:47:0,
from qwinjumplistcategory.cpp:47:
winshobjidl_p.h:227:16: error: previous definition of ‘struct SHARDAPPIDINFOLINK

In file included from qwinjumplistcategory.cpp:51:0:
d:\mingw64-4.8.1\x86_64-w64-mingw32\include\shlobj.h:1656:23: error: invalid typ
e in declaration before ‘;’ token
d:\mingw64-4.8.1\x86_64-w64-mingw32\include\shlobj.h:1656:23: error: conflicting
declaration ‘typedef int SHARDAPPIDINFOLINK’
In file included from qwinjumplist_p.h:47:0,
from qwinjumplistcategory.cpp:47:

Kai Koehne says:

That’s unfortunately a known issue which isn’t easy to fix … if we fix it for toolchains shipping with MinGW-w64 3.0 we’d break it for our default MinGW-builds 4.8.0 rev2 toolchain that uses a pre-release version of the MinGW-w64 3.0 headers. I couldn’t find a good way to differentiate these cases …

Newer toolchains using MinGW-w64 3.0.1 should work though.

Julian says:

Is the audio capture working on Android?

does andrioiddeployqt support shadow builds?

Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt says:

Yes to both.

eric villa says:

Native OpenFile Dialog freezes on top with Mac OS X.9… reported this issue with bug tracker on 5.1.1 still there on 5.2RC make this release unusable for Mac OS

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@eric villa: I assume you mean QTBUG-34677? It is certainly one that needs to be fixed, if not to Qt 5.2.0 then in a Qt 5.2.x patch release.

tommykayimyim says:


Chris says:

For the love of god someone please fix the unique_ptr bug where the IDE can’t recognize the type it refers to for auto completion, syntax highlighting, and follow symbol over cursor.

This is very important for everyone who uses unique_ptr, which allows for perfect RAII and no leak exception handling.

J says:

For both Qt 5.1 and 5.2 I’ve been using QBS, and so have many others. While QtCreator in the Qt binary package supports .qbs files, it seems to me that the command line tools have not been included, so I’ve been building it from source.

Is the “qbs” command line tool hidden somewhere in this package? If not, when will it be included?

Lubo Astinov says:

Hello, congrats on the RC!

A couple of questions regarding iOS compatibility:

1. It appears armv7s and arm64 are not supported. If so, what are the plans, is this to be expected soon?

2. To compile for iOS I had to set XCode’s C++ lib to libstdc++ and the language dialect to GNU++98. What about LLVM libc++ ( with C++11 support ) ? Am I just doing something wrong, or this is required for iOS?

3. (Pardon the newbie question) What is the best way to gain information about using the QT frameworks without the QTCreator tool. I’d like to be able to use the the frameworks but not rely on QT Creator. Also is there a way to utilize QTApplication without it hijacking the main thread? Pardon me if this is covered by examples and documentation, but please point me to them.

Thank you!

Polla Tosen says:

Excellent work guys!

Solaris Support Dearly Missed
It was quite a disappointment when support was dropped some time ago for Solaris. It used to be so easy to develop C++ apps for this OS using Qt.

“Some people” on the web claim to have compiled the latest Qt version, albeit perhaps with limited features, but I just can’t seem to get the configure flags right to get it to build on Solaris 11.1.

Would someone perhaps be so kind as to assist by perhaps posting an article on this? Or if it cannot be built on Solaris, at least explain why not. I remember it used to be part of earlier releases of Qt.

Thanks a million, and keep up the good work on everyone’s favourite cross-platform framework.

Sergey says:

After reading all “Congrats”, “Yay”, “Wow” and so on, i’m feeling myself idiot.
Almost year qt promises android support, but all good while we expect it in some future. But few latest months all are saying qt is ready for android development. I spent 2 month trying make something working and android native looking and now i have almost full internal working code + Java written camera window + not working whole qt UI. Why? Because ui widgets don’t support android. Theys doesn’t llok like android widgets. I spent some time to stylize some widgets but to do all working good it will take much more time. Ok, digia offers use QML, but how? Do you say documentation is good? Do you say it’s enough to start? All tutorials explains how to draw rectangles and text and animate pictures, but i just need buttons, menus, tabs, lists (scrollable with fingers but not expecting using mouse on mobile device). Qucik Controls? Examples? Only example is more or less helps is Touch. But what…

Sergey says:

I also heard about Qt Quick Components for android. But didn’t found version for qt 5. Moreover i’m not sure how to use it. Moreover it’s was cloned from symbian components and seems not very different.
Also, i don’t understand how can be used qt for commercial android project if it requires ministro? How to handle it? Ask user install it?
So in my opinion qt 5.2 is much of frustration and disappointment. 🙁

Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt says:

I’m not sure about the Qt Quick Components for Android that you’re referring to. Those are unfamiliar to me.

As for Ministro: If you choose this option in Qt Creator, the user will be asked to install it when they launch your application for the first time, granted that it’s the first Ministro-based application on their device. You can also build your application without depending on Ministro if you please. In that case, the Qt libraries will be included in the APK, and will not have this external dependency.

Sergey says:

I don’t think it’s good decision to ask user install something more than he was going install.

Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt says:

Hi, I’m sorry for your disappointment. Native styling for Android applications, both for Qt Quick Controls and Qt Widgets is something we will research and work on in the time to come. For Ministro-based applications, there is already a Qt Widgets-style that will be used by default, and in Qt 5.2 message boxes look native, as well as menus, and popup menus in Qt Quick Controls.

We would be happy to have your feedback on this work as it progresses, to make sure we are meeting your expectations.

Sergey says:

Do you mean Quick controls or widgets when saying some looks native already?

philk says:

Now that Qt 5.2 is release, where is the 2012 x86 OpenGL build?

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