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Stand Up for Qt | Vision Mobile 7th Developer Economics Survey

Published Monday April 7th, 2014
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VisionMobile Developer Economics Qt

Help us push the Qt name and technology. If you love Qt, take the 7th Vision Mobile Developer Economics survey, and stand up for Qt!

The Vision Mobile Developer Economics survey is the largest, most global research series on the app economy and developer trends. Take the latest survey and speak your mind on the latest developer trends – How are challenger platforms moving up? Is HTML5 in decline? Is Qt usage increasing?  What language do most devs use? What are the trending tools of the trade?

Please take 10 minutes of your time  and win some great prizes while you’re at it! The results of this survey will become available as a free PDF report in July 2014.

Each of the respondents gets a free 1-month subscription of crash reporting for their apps (value of 19 USD, courtesy of Bugsense) – as well as a 20% discount to continue using the service after the 1 month is up. Just take the survey and Bugsense will be in touch to set up your prize.

There are also some great devices up for grabs – the winners will be determined in a draw, which Vision Mobile will hold after the survey closes (mid May 2014).

  1. One iPhone 5s
  2. One Samsung Galaxy S5
  3. One Lumia 930 (courtesy of Nokia)
  4. One BlackBerry Z30

Let’s join forces and support Qt! Learn more about the survey and help us the spread the word via the Qt community.

Thanks for the support!


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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Uncategorized


It looks like the link to the survey is broken..

There is also another interesting survey going on currently by Research2Guidance:
Give Qt a vote at the Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking Survey 2014

Katherine Barrios Katherine Barrios says:

The Developer Economics survey link is working now: http://www.vmob.me/DE3Q14Digia

Yes, please all, do take the other survey as well as mentioned by Christian: http://research2guidance.com/cross-platform-tool-benchmarking-2014-take-part-and-get-your-valuable-reward-right-after-the-survey/

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