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Qt Quick Enterprise Controls 1.1 Released

Published Tuesday April 8th, 2014
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Today we have released version 1.1 of the Qt Quick Enterprise Controls add-on that was first released in January. The Qt Quick Enterprise Controls library provides a collection of Qt Quick-based controls that can be customized and easily extended to match the desired look-and-feel of the user interface. Together with the Qt Quick Controls library, it forms a full set of controls for Qt Enterprise and Qt Mobile customers to leverage in their applications.

The focus of this release has been on improving the existing controls, with some new features added:

  • The tickmark functionality behind the CircularGauge was abstracted out, allowing Dial to also benefit. This opens up Dial to new possibilities; for example, it is now possible to combine the stepSize property with tickmarks and labels to create a “switch” that snaps to certain options.
  • PieMenu got several improvements:
    • It will now stay within the bounds of the window when opened, ensuring that all options are visible at all times.
    • Icons will be scaled if their size exceeds the radius or circumference of the section they are in.
    • The title property was added. This property controls the text that is displayed above the menu when there is no currently selected menu item.

A new version is always nicer with new controls, so we would like to introduce StatusIndicator. This control emulates a typical LED indicator found on electrical equipment to visualize on/off state. As with all of the controls, it uses generated graphics to ensure scalability across all target devices. It also provides a color property to provide extra context amongst other indicators.

Qt Quick Enterprise Controls are included in the Qt Enterprise and Qt Mobile Licenses, so they are free for our licensees to use and are fully covered by our standard support. You can test out the Qt Quick Enterprise Controls and the rest of Qt Enterprise or Qt Mobile by downloading our free 30-day evaluation. Qt Enterprise and Qt Mobile customers can download Qt Quick Enterprise Controls binaries and source code through the online installer. The module can be found under Qt Enterprise Add-Ons in the package manager. Source packages are also available in Qt Account Downloads. For further information about the controls, please visit the documentation.

This add-on is developed for our customers based on their input, to provide more complex, industry-specific UI controls, and we are happy to hear your suggestions about what should be included. If you have any issues using them or want to share ideas for further development, just contact our support team through the Qt Account Support Center.

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Posted in Qt Quick, Releases


DavidB says:

Your putting a lot of work into your enterprise edition, and while I have no problem with you trying to make a dime and pay your workers, I do wish you would try to come out with another pricing model that makes it available to small time developers like me. Perhaps you can offer it at half the price with only a enterprise forum support (no email burden on you) I really urge you to look at your business model and offer a cheaper pricing plan, so people like me can and will pay you. I bet for every potential enterprise customer there are there are ten smaller enterprise customers like me, that do not need a expensive on-site sales call or offer a long sales cycle haggling over price. Please try to find a way to take my money. It would be a win-win for everyone. Thanks

Cutie says:


At the current price, my small company cannot afford Qt Enterprise but we are interested in Boot to Qt, Qt Quick controls and static linking in mobile.

We do not need or want phone support, it’s a waste of time for both parties. In fact, we do not even need e-mail support for the open parts. We could do with only e-mail or forum support for the closed parts (Boot to Qt, Qt Quick Enterprise Controls, etc).

Petr Pehal says:

First of all, I want to thank to all Qt developers/contributors for creating such a terrific complex framework.

Since there started a discussion about pricing model, I’ll make a small contribution ;). I would be very nice to
have an opportunity to buy just some add-ons. I’m working in small/middle company, where we are using Qt for
probably 5 years. We are developing SCADA systems with purely desktop targeting. Now we are very interested in
Qt Data Visualization add-on. But all other Enterprise add-ons as well as support, static linking, etc… are
useless for us. So pricing for the one add-on we need its quite expensive for us.

I beleive that there are a lot of developers and other small companies, that facing the same issue.
Please just try to think about it.

We a nice day and continue in such amazing job!

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@DavidB: Thanks for the feedback. We definitely want to make it possible for everyone to use Qt with various needs and price points. If you are developing on the mobile platforms, Qt Mobile is available as a monthly subscription.

Ionut Dediu says:

Why doesn’t Digia pull a Unity? They changed their pricing to give Unity away for free to indie/hobby developers. SO why don’t you release all Qt as FREE and if the developer makes more than 5k/10k/etc (this can be discussed) make him pay.

jcm says:

agree 100%!
I would also say that opening enterprise features such as data visualization for free educational software would be amazing.

Scorp1us says:

The reason why Qt mobile is needed is because thw iOS and Android SDKs are *profanity removed*. Not THE profinity, but just profanity. None of it is reusable outside the mobile platform. Qt can do desktop and mobile with the same code base. That’s big.

Next, I agree that Qt enterprise features need to be accessible to the indie developer. That’s why I suggested they open their own Qt-app store and take a cut just like the other app stores. For hosting your app on their app store, you’d get free access to the enterprise features. But I haven not heard a comment on that. I think they are reluctant to open their own app store, but it could tie in with the other app stores. So that your cross-platform Qt app gets put out to all platforms (you upload your code and the Digia app store packages it for each platform) as well as keeps a copy of all platforms for the digia app store. Of course the other-app store feature would only be to those tho paid up for an enterprise license.

Ed says:

Is it correct that Qt Mobile is in excess of GBP 1000.00 per year?

I think Qt is superb, but that’s an insane price for an independent/hobbyist developer.

I agree an app-store cut for Digia would be better. 30% of something for Digia is better than 100% of nothing and at these prices a commercial Qt Mobile license is prohibitive for my small business, especially on Android where it’s tough to make serious money.

Scorp1us says:

Qt, once it works, is worth it’s weight. If we’re talking about 2080GBP, then that is about 1GBP per hour of value. I think Qt provides that easily when you are talking about any kind of work,b ut particularly mobile. as you are effectively coding for the 3 platforms all at the same time.

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Ed: Qt Mobile is 109€/month for iOS+Android+WinRT. For more details see: The price includes support, commercial license, value-add functionality, tooling and Qt Cloud Services.

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