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Qt 5.2 Over 1 Million Downloads

Published Wednesday April 16th, 2014
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Congrats everyone! Since its release in December 2013, Qt 5.2 has been downloaded over 1 million times. That is pretty darn awesome with about 10K downloads ticking in daily. Nice! Thanks to all for your support in spreading the Qt love. Let’s keep it kicking. Qt 5.3 is just around the corner where we hope to convert even more devs to the Qt world.

This figure really shows Qt as a key player in the software development world with a strong community behind it. The opportunity with Qt for hobby developers and large enterprise projects is evident via our fast-growing ecosystem. Qt’s use in 70+ industries and the large amount of market-leading Qt-powered applications and devices has an even larger potential for monetization and other new opportunities for all of us. Thanks again for the support and keep the conversation going with us. Let us  know what we can do better or more of to spread the use of Qt everywhere.

We welcome your feedback!

P.S. Remember to take the 2014 7th Edition Developer Economics Survey and stand up for Qt (and maybe win some nice prizes while you are at it): http://www.vmob.me/DE3Q14Digia

And, if you are really into taking surveys, help Qt move up the ranks in the Research2Guidance Cross-Platform Tools survey: http://research2guidance.com/cross-platform-tool-benchmarking-2014-take-part-and-get-your-valuable-reward-right-after-the-survey/


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Posted in Biz Circuit & Dev Loop, Community, growth, Qt, Uncategorized


These download numbers are impressive!
It shows how Qt has grown and evolved to a top-class cross-platform framework..
Congrats to all contributors!

Leo S says:

Nice! How does that compare to the download numbers for previous versions?

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Leo S: There is growth.

Leo S says:

Haha nice marketing answer 🙂

TT says:

QT needs more promotions. Many people know little about it. I recommend you to spread more interesting live coding videos. And Digia should build a Qt market for qt component(QML/shader/Apps) sharing and selling.

ospider says:

good idea!

Fab says:

As now Qt really runs every where! Awesome.

fonzi337 says:

Very exciting indeed!

One recommendation for marketing Qt: while I love Qt Quick and it’s truly the best UI framework I have ever used, many people unfamiliar with Qt view Qt as a GUI framework only. They don’t realize that Qt is a full application framework that can be used for the backend application logic as well. For this reason, I think many may discount Qt as not being a competitor to Java and .NET, when in fact it is very powerful!

So in summary, I’d recommend continuing to promote Qt Quick but also emphasize that Qt is an application framework, not just a GUI framework.

syruce says:

Qt with C++ .
Without it Qt is Deaded !

Tex says:

Qt is the multi-platform toolkit that I’ve imagined for years.

But if you want more growth, you had better provide various licensing policies for small business.

At least one more policy that like these,
– Qt libraries & tool only
– Allow free distribution w/ static linking
– Desktop + Mobile (ios, Android)
– No add-on libraries (charts, data visualization)
– No technical support (phone, e-mail)

Katherine Barrios Katherine Barrios says:

Thanks all for the posts and support. We appreciate it very much.

@TT: Indeed videos are very important. We are trying to make as many as our engineers can for each release. We really also welcome everyone from the community to share your coding videos, if you have any, via qt-project.org. We’ll Tweet if you have something cool to show. And yes, a Qt shop or what we call Open Business Architecture, is in the plans. A status on that to come throughout the year.

@fonzi337: You are right. Many people do think Qt is only a GUI toolkit. We have been marketing it as a full framework with C++ libraries. That is definitely catching on, though the rise of iPhone-like UIs is the latest industry buzz, so UIs seem to always take precedence. We will keep at it to make sure there is no misconception on just how powerful Qt is!

@Tex: Yep. We do realize that we need to make a more flexible pricing model for SMBs. We hope to cater to that market with a better pricing option soon. Thanks for your support.

Tex says:

Thanks for your reply.

I also need the progressive licensing policy.

For example, I made an application for windows desktop only.

But for now I want to deploy it (or stripped down tablet UI version) to iOS or Android.

I need the upgrade path (from the single to multi-platform) that applies from now (not from the beginning) at reasonable price.

Here is a link to the example called install4j.


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