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May 2014 Qt Hackathon

Published Wednesday May 28th, 2014
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With Qt 5.3 successfully released we decided to relax a bit and got together for a Qt Hackathon. In similar manner as with the previous Qt Hackathon we arranged in December, teams from all our main development sites joined together to see who can make the greatest, most awesome new project in just 24 hours. Rules of the game are: team work, new innovation, all created during 24 hours.

This time the prize categories were:

  • #1 Best solution for developer productivity gain
  • #2 Greatest graphics ninja work
  • #3 Most creative use of Qt

After 24 hours of happy hacking we voted for the winners. It was very tight match and interestingly we got a tie in two of the categories.

The winning projects were:

  • #1 Best solution for developer productivity gain: “Prototype of QML/JS Heap Profiler, with visualization in QtCreator” and “Did you say TreeView for Qt Quick?”
  • #2 Greatest graphics ninja work: “GPU less 2D scene graph for basic Qt Quick functionality” and “L-system based 3D tree visualisation of bugreports.qt-project.org with WebGL”
  • #3 Most creative use of Qt: “ColorSay – application to help color blind by detecting colors using phone camera”

Some of the items may later on become  features of Qt, inspire us to make something completely different, or help us to learn how we can make the lives of Qt users easier.

Below are some pictures taken during the event, now we’ll go and get some sleep 🙂

Concentration, concentration:



Hmm, what went wrong there?



Still awake and coding:



Getting there:



Some of the happy winners:



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J says:

Here’s an idea for your hackathon: A WebView (widget or QtQuick item) that can be created on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux with access to qrc.

I’ll leave out more detailed requirements to help your time constraint.

Cuke says:

Treeview on the way?! Any preview? 🙂 😀

topocc says:


Bruno says:

Where we can find the treeView ????

Tuukka Turunen Tuukka Turunen says:

@Bruno: All the projects are now still in our internal repositories. We’ll need to separately decide what are the ones to continue and how. Naturally the code quality requirements of Qt and a hackathon project are not the same, so there is more work needed before any of these is ready. But I do agree that the Qt Quick TreeView is a good candidate for further development 🙂

Gemmell says:

Tree view! One which can handle elements of different heights (e.g. paragraphs) or even different types (e.g. lists & paragraphs in the same tree), but with all the optimisations of the ListView would be a feat of engineering skill!

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