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Qt Showroom – Calling all application developers

Published Friday June 6th, 2014
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Qt Showroom

We are setting up a gallery to present the best Qt applications. The gallery is called Qt Showroom. And currently we are looking for applications that should be presented.

Qt Showroom will be hosted under qt-project.org at showroom.qt.io.

Qt Showroom will feature cross-platform applications or applications that demonstrate and portray great use of the Qt technology. Right now we have MuseScore as an example of a beautiful application running on multiple desktop and mobile platforms.

Your application in the Qt Showroom?

Right now we are looking for applications that should be in the Qt Showroom.

We are looking for applications that:

  • Run on multiple platforms
  • Present a user interface that is intuitive and lets the user do the key tasks with ease
  • Use several aspects of Qt to it’s benefit
  • Are easily available to users

If you have an application that you think should be presented in the Qt Showroom, please submit your application for review!

All applications will be evaluated before they are approved into the Qt Showroom. Initially this screening will be done by the Qt Online Community Manager with help from Qt developers.

Looking forward to your great applications in the Qt Showroom!

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Etienne says:

Musescore! Musescore.org

Can’t wait for our Qt-based tower defense game Squaby to be approved. 🙂

Tero Kojo Tero Kojo says:

A bit of patience 🙂

The initial review will take next week, as we have Qt Contributors’ Summit taking our full attention. And quite some applications lining up.

But I promise a fast review to all submissions.

qrosh says:

Could you build a SailfishOS version of the game for the Jolla Phone?

Pritpal Bedi says:

Should the application be in pure Qt, I mean C++ Qt, or can it be in another Qt-binding language also ?

I have one application which may qualify for this showcase written in Harbour ( http://www.harbour-project.org ) and the bindings library is hosted at http://sourceforge.net/projects/qtcontribs/?source=directory. Application, which is an IDE specific to Harbour is also contained in this repository.

Tero Kojo Tero Kojo says:

If it runs on Qt, it could qualify. I don’t see a problem there, rather it goes to show how flexible Qt is.

You don’t lose anything, by submitting an app for review.

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