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The Qt blog is moving to the qt.io domain

Published Monday February 2nd, 2015
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We are approaching the move of one more service coming under the qt.io umbrella. This blog is about to move to it’s new home at http://blog.qt.io

The move is a continuation of unifying the Qt ecosystem under the qt.io domain.

We aim to make the move as transparent as possible. However we do need to turn off the comments for a couple of days to make a clean migration. Otherwise there should be no visible impact to you as a reader.

Akregator icon

Akregator icon

Once the move is done, the current address will be set to redirect to http://blog.qt.io
Please be prepared to update your rss-reader list at that time!

After the blog the qt-project.org wiki is next on the list of services to move. A separate post discussing the implications of that move will come along, once this blog has settled to it’s new home.

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Posted in Community, Qt Project, Qt.io


Oli says:

The new Qt blog is now essentially the Digia blog.
I think it should be like http://planet.qt-project.org/ instead, which includes blog articles from other contributors of the Qt ecosystem.

Tero Kojo Tero Kojo says:

Even with the planet, we do need a blog where The Qt Company people can write what they have to say.

The planet will also be moving to planet.qt.io in the coming days.

HGH says:

There are a great deal of great articles on developer.nokia.com that apparently are not available on Qt’s wiki. And yesterday I saw a big Microsoft logo flashing over them.

Any chance getting these over here before they are lost forever?

cka says:

The Qt logo is not a link to home page (qt.io) but to blog.qt.io. There is no link to home page on any page under the subdomain blog.qt.io.

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