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Qt Quick Designer and Qt Quick Controls 2

Published Tuesday April 26th, 2016
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Qt 5.6 introduced the Qt Quick Controls 2 and they are already integrated in the upcoming release of Qt Creator 4.0.

We took this as a reason to create a video that shows how the new controls can be used to build a UI easily using Qt Creator and the integrated Qt Quick Designer.

The video shows how we create the UI of a simple home automation application for a touch device. Finally we run the software on a hardware with the boot2qt stack installed.

The UI uses the material style that comes with the Qt Quick Controls 2. We also show a couple of new features that help to maintain the split between .qml and .ui.qml files.

All these features are both in the free Open Source version and the commercial version of Qt Creator 4.0.

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Posted in Qt Quick, Qt Quick 2, Qt Quick 2.0, Qt Quick Controls, QtCreator


NoName says:

Is a standalone QtQuick Designer planned?

I use Visual Studio as the IDE and I use QtDesigner as the QWidget-based UIs. However a standalone QtQuick Designer like QtDesigner would be great to avoid a second IDE.

Thomas Hartmann Thomas Hartmann says:

Qt Quick Designer is tightly integrated into Qt Creator. But I do not see an issue using Qt Creator alongside Visual Studio and use Qt Creator just for QML editing.

Impatient says:

Is that a teaser of the actual video? I mean: “The video shows how we create the UI of a simple home automation application for a touch device” Well, it certainly shows that it is possible, but I would not say that it show HOW it’s done, because it’s just a 1 minute video with accelerated speed. It would be good to have a full recording of something using it, even if it’s simpler, and has no voice over. The usage of .ui.qml is not widely known. And documentation it’s there, but it’s not as convenient as seeing the real thing.

Thomas Hartmann Thomas Hartmann says:

Such a video using the same example is also in the pipeline.

Daniel Nicoletti says:

I saw there is a commit to expose hover, will 5.7 also include support from the theme?
Controls 2 solved many issues I had with first version but the lack of “Desktop” focus on both is really a shame for broader adoption.

@Daniel: Embedded and Mobile are mostly suffering for the performance issues in Controls 1, therefore focus with Controls 2 has been in those. There are quite many using Qt also in embedded and mobile, and especially with low end hardware it has been very difficult to leverage Controls 1.

Alex says:

What he probably meant, is that while it’s good that performance design issues have been found and solved, is kind of troubling that so long after QtQuick was introduced, we will still have no Widgets replacement based on QtQuick.

Some people would say that widgets work fine for desktop, and will always will, so use that instead. Well, while it’s mostly true, they have their issues, and its development it’s quite slow in comparison.

Daniel says:

The new controls look great.

Daniel says:

Is it coincidence that the QtQuick Designer looks nothing like the rest of QtCreator but suspiciously like Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio?

Thorin says:

This kind of design is typical for graphical tools these days.

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