By Gunnar Sletta

New Scene Graph Renderer

Published Monday September 2nd, 2013
Posted in Graphics, OpenGL, Qt Quick 2.0

Few phrases are more misused in software, whispered in social channels, promised over the negotiating table or shouted out loud in blogs, as the words “The next release will make everything better!” So… I won’t say that. But… Qt 5.2 introduces a new renderer to the Qt Quick Scene Graph. When we set out to

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Introducing Boot to Qt – A Technology Preview

Published Tuesday May 21st, 2013
Posted in Embedded, Qt

For a few months now, we have been working on a new project under the codename Boot to Qt, and today we launch it as a technology preview. Boot to Qt is a commercial offering that provides a fully integrated solution for the creation of slick user interfaces on embedded devices. The offering includes: A light-weight

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Render Thread Animations in Qt Quick 2.0

Published Monday August 20th, 2012
Posted in Performance, Qt Quick 2

One of the shortcomings of the Qt Quick API is that despite having a dedicated rendering thread, our animations are always running on the GUI thread. Running animations outside the application’s main thread has the advantage that it greatly reduces jerkyness as operations that block the main thread will not hinder the animations from running.

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Scene Graph Adaptation Layer

Published Wednesday August 1st, 2012
Posted in Performance, Qt Quick 2.0

Both the public documentation for the scene graph and some of my previous posts on the subject have spoken of a backend or adaptation API which makes it possible to adapt the scene graph to various hardware. This is an undocumented plugin API which will remain undocumented, but I try to go through it here,

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QML Scene Graph in Master

Published Tuesday May 31st, 2011
Posted in OpenGL, Painting, Performance, Qt, Qt Quick

Earlier this week, we integrated the QML Scene Graph into qtdeclarative-staging.git#master. Grab the modularized Qt 5 repositories and start hacking! The primary way to make use of it is by running qmlscene or by instantiating a QSGView and feeding it your own .qml file. The import name has been upgraded to QtQuick 2.0, so upgrade

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A QML Presentation System

Published Monday May 30th, 2011
Posted in Qt Quick

When I was preparing for Qt Developer Days last year, I started out with an unnamed tool to create my presentation and was annoyed with some of its shortcomings. At the time, I decided to do my slides in QML instead, partially to learn it a bit better and partially because I thought it would

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