By Morten Johan Sørvig
Morten Johan Sørvig

Qt Weekly #24: High-dpi QtWayland

Published Tuesday January 27th, 2015 | 1 Comment on Qt Weekly #24: High-dpi QtWayland
Posted in Graphics

Those of you following QtWayland development closely might have seen commit 7ef5e2e4 – Implement high-dpi support. In this blog we’ll look at some examples and show how to test the support on high and normal dpi hardware. Wayland Wayland 1.2 added support for high-dpi scaling via wl_output::scale wl_surface::set_buffer_scale wl_output::scale is used by the compositor to

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Morten Johan Sørvig

Retina display support for Mac OS, iOS and X11

Published Thursday April 25th, 2013 | 14 Comments on Retina display support for Mac OS, iOS and X11
Posted in Graphics, macOS, QPA, Qt

Qt 5.0 added basic support for retina reasonable resolution displays. The upcoming Qt 5.1 will improve the support with new API and bug fixes. Qt 4.8 has good support, and backports of some of the Qt 5 patches are available. While this implementation effort is mostly relevant to Mac and iOS developers, it is interesting

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