By Christian Feldbacher, V-Play [Qt Technology Partner]

Christian Feldbacher is Co-Founder of V-Play GmbH. He has more than 10 years’ experience in software development with a strong focus on game and mobile app development for all kinds of platforms including native Symbian, Java ME, iOS, Android, MeeGo, and BlackBerry. After 10+ years C++ and 5+ years Qt C++ development, Christian was overwhelmed by Qt Quick and the combination of performance and code efficiency. His passion for games and experience in Qt, game, and mobile platform development led to the creation of V-Play Engine which was publicly launched in January 2013. Besides working on V-Play, Christian joins game jams and teaches university students how to develop with Qt. Previous Presentation Experience: Christian gave 3 talks at Qt World Summit 2015 about cross-platform app development with Qt, and a 1-hour session at Qt Developer Days Europe 2014. He presented a lightning talk at 2013’s Qt Developer Days in Berlin, where he won the “Most Innovative Talk” award. Christian has started to work as a tutor for programming and mathematics during his Bachelors and Master’s degree and presented complex topics on a weekly regular basis. After finishing the Mobile Computing Master program, he started to work as a lecturer on the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg, teaching Bachelor and Master students cross-platform development with Qt. Besides presentations for students as a teacher, he often speaks on big public events. Examples are Global Game Jam Austria, Knowledge Night about Cross-Platform Development or Game Stage in Ars Electronica Center. As Co-Founder of V-Play, he also presents V-Play on conferences and Startup competitions on a regular basis, like at Game Developers Conference in Cologne or a talk at Microsoft Headquarter in Austria about cross-platform development with Qt.

Christian Feldbacher, V-Play [Qt Technology Partner]

Mobile App Development with Qt Part 1 – Top Considerations for Choosing Your App Development Framework

Published Wednesday June 14th, 2017 | 19 Comments on Mobile App Development with Qt Part 1 – Top Considerations for Choosing Your App Development Framework
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Choosing a framework for your next cross-platform app is an important decision. In this post we’ll cover multiple factors to consider when choosing your app development framework and how that should support your business strategy. What to Consider Determine the reasons why you may need a cross-platform mobile app: Do you want to improve your […]

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