Symbian development using Linux

Published Wednesday April 21st, 2010 | 35 Comments on Symbian development using Linux
Posted in Build system, C++, S60, Symbian

Programming your application or library based on Qt has always had the promise that you can deploy your application on many different platforms. Development of those applications can, likewise, happen on many different platforms. QtCreator runs on Windows, Mac & Linux among others. Since Qt4.6 Symbian is also one of those platforms to deploy on, […]

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Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt

Insanity is shaping the same text again and expecting a different result

Published Monday March 1st, 2010 | 21 Comments on Insanity is shaping the same text again and expecting a different result
Posted in C++, OpenGL, Painting, Performance, Qt

Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Apparently this is a misquote, and the original quote actually belongs to Rita Mae Brown, but that’s not important right now. What’s important is that most Qt applications are crazy. Background I’ll […]

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Qt + Box2D is easy!

Published Friday February 26th, 2010 | 20 Comments on Qt + Box2D is easy!
Posted in C++, Graphics View, KDE, Qt

Box2D is an Open Source rigid body 2D physics engine for C++. It’s currently (2.0.1) released under the MIT license, which is quite permissive. Box2D is used by, among other things, Gluon (http://gluon.tuxfamily.org/), which is a game library from KDE in-the-making. Integrating Box2D into your Qt application is quite easy, and this blog shows you […]

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BC break in 4.6 against previous 4.6

Published Thursday November 12th, 2009 | 10 Comments on BC break in 4.6 against previous 4.6
Posted in C++, Git, KDE, Qt

To everyone using Qt 4.6 from the Git repository: be aware that I introduced a binary-incompatible change. This change is there to stay. No, we’re not breaking binary compatibility with Qt 4.5. This only affects previous Qt 4.6 versions. Actually, this kind of change happens all the time. So why am I blogging about this […]

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Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt

Qt (de) Spotify running on a Nokia N900

Published Friday October 23rd, 2009 | 5 Comments on Qt (de) Spotify running on a Nokia N900
Posted in C++, Labs, Multimedia, Qt, Uncategorized

Since there is currently no official Spotify client that can run on Embedded Linux (wine doesn’t run on arm architectures), and since I really wanted to have access to my Spotify account from my N900, I decided to give the open source Spotify client library called “despotify” a run. This is a library of C […]

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Memory ordering semantics

Published Tuesday October 6th, 2009 | 14 Comments on Memory ordering semantics
Posted in C++, Performance, Qt

This weekend, a user posted to the qt4-preview-feedback mailing list saying that the QAtomicInt documentation needed some work. I replied saying that memory ordering semantics would be better explained by a book, than Qt documentation. But thinking about it later, I started thinking whether we could add some documentation about it. So I decided to […]

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