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We'll Be Right Back

Published Monday January 31st, 2011 | 31 Comments on We'll Be Right Back
Posted in MeeGo, Qt Quick

For the last six months, we have been building a set of UI components for Qt Quick. This has been done completely out in the open, with both project content and progress reflected in our Jira instance [1], developing using the gitorious repo [2], hanging out in #qt-components on freenode [3] and emailing [4]. We […]

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Maurice Kalinowski

Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview released

Published Thursday January 20th, 2011 | 92 Comments on Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview released
Posted in macOS, Maemo, News, Qt, Qt Quick, Qt Simulator, Qt Simulator, QtCreator, Symbian, Windows

With great excitement to announce the immediate availability of the Qt SDK 1.1 Technology Preview that supports mobile and desktop platforms. The new SDK is a merge of the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 and the last Qt SDK, based on Qt 4.7. The target of the Qt SDK 1.1 is to easily get started with […]

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Getting in touch with Qt Quick: Gestures and QML

Published Tuesday October 5th, 2010 | 9 Comments on Getting in touch with Qt Quick: Gestures and QML
Posted in Declarative UI, Labs, Qt Quick

We here in Qt development are pretty excited about the Qt 4.7.0 release. In particular, some of us have been focusing our enthusiasm on the Qt Quick framework. Gestures are a natural fit for the easy UI development the QML language enables. Currently however, there isn’t any gesture functionality exposed in the core declarative library. […]

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Qt Quick Tooling

Published Tuesday September 21st, 2010 | 10 Comments on Qt Quick Tooling
Posted in Qt Quick, QtCreator

Just in case you have not noticed it yet:  >>>Qt 4.7 is out!<<<  Wow! Time for us Trolls (and hopefully you) to celebrate 🙂 Personally, I am enthusiastic – especially about the new QtDeclarative module and the QML language. This technology calls for excellent tooling, and we here in Berlin are working hard to provide exactly this in the upcoming Qt […]

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Building the future: (re)Introducing the Qt Quick components

Published Friday September 10th, 2010 | 20 Comments on Building the future: (re)Introducing the Qt Quick components
Posted in MeeGo, Qt Quick

Qt Quick is an awesome piece of technology. It fundamentally changes how you write native User Interfaces and makes the possibility of creating amazing Apps available to designers as well as developers, not to forget the large community of man-cave hackers and hobbyists. If you have an application that provides it’s own unique look and […]

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