Laszlo Agocs

Qt Quick with the power of OpenCL on Embedded Linux devices

Published Monday April 20th, 2015
Posted in C++, Embedded, Graphics, Multimedia, OpenGL, Qt Quick

Many Qt users encounter a need to integrate GPU compute solutions into their Qt-based applications. What is more, with the advent of compute API implementations and powerful GPUs on embedded devices, using OpenCL or CUDA on an Embedded Linux device is a reality now. In a previous post we looked at NVIDIA’s Jetson TK1 board

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Qt Weekly #25: Optimization hints on Qt Data Visualization

Published Tuesday February 10th, 2015
Posted in OpenGL, Performance, Qt Data Visualization | Tags: ,

On Qt Data Visualization 1.1 we introduced a beta level optimization hint QAbstract3DGraph::OptimizationStatic and on 1.2 release the feature is fully supported. On this blog we’ll try to explore this optimization a bit more. We have also been asked how many items you can render on scatter graph. We hope that this blog answers to

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Introducing the Qt Quick 2D Renderer

Published Thursday January 22nd, 2015
Posted in Embedded, OpenGL, Qt Quick 2

When Qt Quick 2 was introduced with the release of Qt 5.0, it came with a minimum requirement of either OpenGL 2.0 or OpenGL ES 2.0.  For desktop and mobile platforms this is usually not an issue, and when it is for example on Windows, it is now fairly easy to use an OpenGL software rasteriser as

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Laszlo Agocs

Qt Weekly #23: Qt 5.5 enhancements for Linux graphics and input stacks

Published Tuesday January 20th, 2015
Posted in Embedded, Graphics, OpenGL, QPA

The upcoming Qt 5.5 has received a number of improvements when it comes to running without a windowing system on Linux. While these target mainly Embedded Linux devices, they are also interesting for those wishing to run Qt applications on their desktop machines directly on the Linux console without X11 or Wayland. We will now

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Laszlo Agocs

Multi-process embedded systems with Qt for Device Creation and Wayland

Published Tuesday December 9th, 2014
Posted in Embedded, Graphics, OpenGL

With the Qt 5.4 update for Qt for Device Creation it is now possible – on certain embedded systems – to run Qt applications on top of a Wayland compositor by relying only on the provided reference images without any additional modifications. While the stable and supported approach remains eglfs, the lightweight platform plugin that

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Laszlo Agocs

Qt Weekly #21: Dynamic OpenGL implementation loading in Qt 5.4

Published Thursday November 27th, 2014
Posted in Graphics, OpenGL, Qt Quick, Windows

In Qt 5.4 there is a new configure option on Windows: -opengl dynamic. This, in addition to -opengl desktop and -opengl es2, changes the OpenGL implementation (and implicitly the window system interface API) that Qt is built against. However, unlike the previously existing flags, dynamic is something different. Enabling it ensures that neither the Qt

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Laszlo Agocs

Qt Weekly #20: Completing the offering: QOpenGLWindow and QRasterWindow

Published Thursday November 20th, 2014
Posted in Graphics, OpenGL, QPA, Qt

Together with the introduction of QOpenGLWidget, Qt 5.4 adds two more classes: QOpenGLWindow and QRasterWindow. Let us now look at the list of native window classes and OpenGL container widgets. The list may look long and confusing at first glance, but it is all quite logical so everything will fall into place quickly: QWindow: Represents

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Laszlo Agocs

Qt Weekly #19: QOpenGLWidget

Published Wednesday September 10th, 2014
Posted in Graphics, OpenGL, Qt

After Qt 5.3’s introduction of QQuickWidget, Qt 5.4 adds QOpenGLWidget, the long-awaited replacement for the legacy QGLWidget. This widget retains the familiar initializeGL/resizeGL/paintGL API, while enabling full interoperability with other widgets in complex user interfaces. Internally QOpenGLWidget is built on the same technology as QQuickWidget. Unlike QGLWidget, it is not a native window and will

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