Lorn Potter

it ain’t pretty…

Published Saturday July 23rd, 2005 | Comments Off on it ain’t pretty…
Posted in Qt, Qtopia

Here’s a screenie of qtrss news feed reader. This also runs in Qtopia, but this screenshot is obviously of the x11 application. This app came about after numerous requests I saw in the zaurus forums/irc for a rss reader in Qtopia. Since Qt is so great, I decided to make it dual “platform”.

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Published Friday July 15th, 2005 | Comments Off on 4.0.1
Posted in Qt

Work is continuing on Qt 4.0.1. Tasks are getting less and less critical, looks like we’ve done a good job with QA this time. Some classes got no feedback at all – either no one is using them or people are just happy πŸ™‚

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