Frederik Gladhorn

Fixing a flaky test – how hard can it be?

Published Friday May 12th, 2017 | 2 Comments on Fixing a flaky test – how hard can it be?
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Flaky tests are a pain point for any reasonable continuous integration system. And by flaky I refer to tests that sometimes pass and sometimes fail. Lately I’ve been bothered by a lack of data and metrics when it comes to discussions around the topic of flaky tests (it pops up regularly on the Qt development […]

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Andy Nichols (nezticle)

Should you still be using QGraphicsView?

Published Thursday January 19th, 2017 | 36 Comments on Should you still be using QGraphicsView?
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There was a time when the Qt Graphics View Framework was seen as the solution to create modern user interfaces with Qt. Now that Qt Quick 2 has matured does the Graphics View Framework still have a place in Qt? At the Qt World Summit 2016 I gave a presentation entitled “The Curse of Choice.” […]

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Frederik Gladhorn

Coin – Continuous Integration for Qt

Published Monday August 8th, 2016 | 6 Comments on Coin – Continuous Integration for Qt
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Testing is important for every software product, and Qt is no different. It is quite intriguing how much work goes into testing to ensure that a Qt release is the very best. Although I’m not directly involved with getting the release into your hand, I’ve lately learned a lot about the infrastructure (Continuous Integration or COIN) used by […]

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Tuukka Turunen

Aligning with the Yocto Project

Published Friday July 1st, 2016 | 3 Comments on Aligning with the Yocto Project
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We have leveraged Yocto internally for many years to build our reference “Boot to Qt” embedded Linux stack of Qt for Device Creation. During 2015 we started to align our work with upstream Yocto Project, including contributions to improve the meta-qt5 layer. With Qt 5.7 we have also opened our meta-boot2qt layer in order to make it easier […]

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Kai Koehne

Changes in the git branching model of Qt (April fool)

Published Tuesday April 1st, 2014 | 6 Comments on Changes in the git branching model of Qt (April fool)
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It’s been a while since Qt adapted git as its revision control system, and we’ve been experimenting with different branching models … In Qt 4 (qt.git) we followed a scheme with one master branch, which gets forked into minor version branches (e.g. 4.8), which gets forked into patch branches (e.g. 4.8.1) … In the Qt […]

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Qt Creator 2.6.2 released

Published Thursday January 31st, 2013 | 20 Comments on Qt Creator 2.6.2 released
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Qt Creator 2.6.2 has just been released. A quick count yields 55 patches on top of 2.6.1, the majority of them of the Mostly Harmless kind, fixing usability and UI issues. Some serious issues got fixed, too, most notably the code editor freeze some people encountered on certain constructs in the C++ editor (see QTCREATORBUG-8472 […]

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Tuukka Turunen

Necessitas Android Port Contributed to the Qt Project

Published Thursday November 8th, 2012 | 49 Comments on Necessitas Android Port Contributed to the Qt Project
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Together with BogDan Vatra, the main author of the Qt for Android port called Necessitas, we have agreed that he will contribute his work into the Qt Project. This is great news and I am truly excited on the things we can do together in the Qt Project. The Qt 5 Android port will be […]

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Testing QtQuick 2 (Qt 5) on your n9/n950

Published Monday November 21st, 2011 | 5 Comments on Testing QtQuick 2 (Qt 5) on your n9/n950
Posted in Embedded, Lighthouse, Maemo, MeeGo, Multimedia, OpenGL, Qt, Qt Quick | Tags: , ,

QtQuick 2 promises superior performance, a new particle system and a host of new possibilities: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qt5/qtquick2-whatsnew.html It is also quite ripe for testing if you are into that kind of thing. This is my personally recommended approach to testing QtQuick 2 on your n9(50) at this point in time and I have to stress that […]

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2011년 Qt Developer Days를 개최합니다.

Published Friday September 16th, 2011 | Comments Off on 2011년 Qt Developer Days를 개최합니다.
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Qt Developer Days 2011 등록 개시 ! 매년 진행되어 온 Qt Developers Days 2011년 행사 소식을 전해 드립니다. 행사 등록 사이트가 정식 오픈 되었습니다. 올해도 참석하시어  Nokia Qt의 새로운 기술 이노베이션을 그 누구보다 더 먼저 선보시길 바랍니다. 올해 행사는 글로벌 행사로써 독일 뮌헨 Munich 10월 24일-26일, 미국 샌프란시스코 San Francisco 11월 29일 – 12월 1일 두 곳에서 진행됩니다. 그리고 12월중에는 중국 베이징 Beijing과 일본 도쿄 Tokyo에서도 각 지역 이벤트가 계획중에 있습니다. from […]

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