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Styling Qt Quick Controls with Photoshop (research)

Published Friday April 28th, 2017
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The Qt Quick Controls 2 undoubtedly have a great look and feel out-of-the box. But if the available styles don’t suit your needs, you can customize the look and feel by defining your desired style in QML. Styling without coding QML? However, we at Qt are wondering: what if you want to have your Qt […]

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Please update your Qt Online Installer’s Maintenance Tool

Published Thursday April 20th, 2017
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We are about to change the domain used in Qt Online Installations. If you are using an old version of Maintenance Tool, that is 2.0.3 or older, now is a good time to update it to version 2.0.5. So please run ‘Update components’ and your Qt installation will continue working without errors. The MaintenanceTool should […]

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Ben Lau [Qt Champion 2016]

Multithreaded Programming with Future & Promise

Published Tuesday April 18th, 2017
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This is a guest post by 2016 Qt Champion Ben Lau. Ben has a long history with Qt, and many interesting projects on GitHub. Here’s an idea from him on making multithreading simpler in some cases. The Basics Multithreading programming may not be difficult at the first glance. You have to pay attention to your shared […]

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Tuukka Turunen

Qt 5.9 Beta Released

Published Friday April 7th, 2017
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I am pleased to announce that Qt 5.9 Beta is now released. Convenient binary installers are available for trying out the cool new features coming in Qt 5.9. With this release we are adjusting the release process to make it easier for users to check out the upcoming release conveniently using the online installer.  Qt […]

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Andy Nichols (nezticle)

Getting more out of Qt Quick with OpenVG

Published Friday March 31st, 2017
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Posted in Declarative UI, Dev Loop, Embedded, Graphics, Qt Quick

In Qt 5.9 is now possible to render Qt Quick applications with OpenVG when using hardware that supports it. This is made possible by a new scene graph adaptation that uses EGL and OpenVG to render Qt Quick scenes.  When using Qt for Device Creation, it means that it now be possible to run with graphics hardware […]

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