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Christian Feldbacher, V-Play [Qt Technology Partner]

Qt World Summit Conference App – Tech Stack

Published Friday October 6th, 2017
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After the Qt World Summit 2017 App Release last week, we will show some of the new features in the latest update and how we developed them. This allows you to use these tips and the source code of the conference app to copy these features in your own apps too. To get the latest version from the app […]

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Christian Feldbacher, V-Play [Qt Technology Partner]

Qt World Summit App 2017 – Open Source & Live Now!

Published Friday September 29th, 2017
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The Qt World Summit 2017 is around the corner: it will take place in Berlin from October 10 – 12. The Qt World Summit is the biggest Qt conference of the year and a great way to connect with other Qt developers to share experiences and learnings. And to get the latest news about state-of-the-art Qt development, best practices and […]

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Tuukka Turunen

Qt 5.6.3 Released

Published Thursday September 21st, 2017
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I am pleased to inform that Qt 5.6.3 has been released today. As always with a patch release Qt 5.6.3 does not bring any new features, just error corrections. For details of the bug fixes in Qt 5.6.3, please check the change logs for each module and known issues of Qt 5.6.3 wiki page. Qt 5.6 LTS is […]

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Qt Installer Framework 3.0.1 Released

Published Wednesday September 20th, 2017
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We are happy to announce the release of Qt IFW 3.0.1. 3.0.1 is fully compatible with 2.0.5, which means you can update existing online installers with installers built with 3.0.1. Version 3.0.1 includes a lot of bug fixes and also new features. Here is a list some new features, some to mention: Allow to use […]

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Frederik Gladhorn

Testing Applications for Color Blindness

Published Friday September 15th, 2017
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At the Randa Meeting 2017 Volker and I decided to write a little KWin plugin. Activating this plugin you can simulate various types of color vision deficiencies, either on individual windows or full-screen. The plugin works by running a fragment shader on the respective window/screen. Here is a short video demonstrating what we did: The […]

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Frederik Gladhorn

Accessibility improvements in Randa

Published Thursday September 14th, 2017
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Accessibility in KDE and Qt is constantly improving. Sometimes a change of scenery helps focusing and brings up productivity. Mix that with a bunch of great people and good things will start happening. It has been possible to create accessible Qt applications on Linux for a while, but of course not everything will just work […]

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