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Preparations for DevDays2006 begins!

Published Thursday September 14th, 2006
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I really need to get into the habit of this blog thing. Anyway, I needed a small break from what I was doing before I head up to the cafeteriafor lunch. I somehow managed to volunteer for giving 3 presentations during Trolltech Developer Days 2006. I’m mostly done with the multi-threading presentation; I just have […]

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Behavioral changes in QIODevice in Qt 4.2

Published Monday September 11th, 2006
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Some people think QFile in Qt 4 is slow[*]. Compared to Qt 3, the noticable difference lies in QIODevice::getChar(), and to some extent, QIODevice::putChar(). But there’s good news: With Qt 4.2, we’ve managed to improve QIODevice’s performance by 4-5x when reading small blocks at a time, especially so for getChar() :-). So something has changed […]

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Invitation to Trolltech’s DevDays 2006

Published Wednesday September 6th, 2006
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Trolltech is inviting free software and open source developers to the annual Developer Day Conference[1]. One of the talks in the San Jose, CA venue is by Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup, designer and original implementer of C++. There will be talks ranging from 3D Graphics Development with Qt and OpenGL to demonstrations of the Qtopia Greenphone. […]

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Published Monday September 4th, 2006
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I have been in Australia for 3 years. My parents are visiting for a few weeks. and wouldn’t you know it… the day before we had planned to visit Beerwah (Australia Zoo), Steve Irwin dies. Needless to say, the Zoo won’t be open, and it wouldn’t be a good place to be anyway, after yesterdays […]

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Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt

Second Qt Jambi Technology Preview

Published Thursday August 31st, 2006
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After doing some last minutes repairs the night before, we successfully launched the second technology preview of Qt Jambi (Qt for Java) yesterday. We’ve fixed a few bugs in this one, added some flexibility to the Eclipse plugin and Qt Jambi in general, and tried to iron out some bumps in the API. Deployment One […]

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4 million items, is it really possible?

Published Wednesday August 30th, 2006
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Someone asked me if it was truly possible to do 4 million items in real time using Graphics View. I challenge you to see for yourselves. Download one of the latest snapshots for Qt 4.2 (one with the 40000 Chips demo in it) – and apply this patch to increase the number of items. It’s […]

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