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code whacking…

Published Sunday April 23rd, 2006
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finally got to spend some time hacking… and solved a problem in the meantime. When working with embedded devices, what do you do if there is no hardware keyboard and you are staring at a console prompt, and have no networking? I came upon this when I was working with the Nokia 770 and getting […]

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Trolltech’s Berlin Office

Published Wednesday April 19th, 2006
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So, we are making some progress with our expansion into Germany. Here are some pictures of the office building we currently favor. It’s a rather old building from the former Academy of Sciences of the GDR, but beautifully renewed. Nice address, too: Albert-Einstein-Strasse, Berlin. The guy on the right hand side, standing smiling in the […]

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i couldn’t agree more…

Published Tuesday April 18th, 2006
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Here at Trolltech, we are in the cross platform business. We work with all kinds of operating systems. We don’t discriminate based upon which operating system you choose. Being associated with the Linux community for quite a few years, I come across this constantly. You would think in a community based upon human kindness […]

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in defense of handhelds

Published Monday April 17th, 2006
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I admit. I have become a handheld junky. My desk is strewn with quite a few devices. I have even been contemplating buying my 7 month old son one of those kids laptops you see at the Tandy store (Radio Shack for those North Americans). Maybe I will when he drools less. I am coming […]

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Some pictures from the Road Show

Published Sunday April 16th, 2006
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The first half of the Developer Road Show 2006 is done. Coming up is the Cambridge event, and then Paris. And in May, Hamburg. I found some pictures on my phone from the US trip that I’d like to share. So here comes a little summary. I’d like to start off with a picture of […]

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help on the way

Published Thursday April 13th, 2006
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Programming anything can be daunting. Application development can be frustrating, even with a toolkit as awesome as Qt! Luckily, there are a bunch of people willing to help, or at least try to help, or in the very least talk about the whether, in real time. This can be a real boon to someone that […]

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fud busting part II

Published Monday April 10th, 2006
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I redid some application startup tests for handheld environments with a different machine, namely with one that has more ram – the Sharp Zaurus c700. and granted, Gpe did heaps better this time… but it’s still not as fast as the Qt based Opie. (note these tests are from the first start of any application […]

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