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Another little KMail feature making me happy

Published Wednesday October 4th, 2006
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So I’ve been using KMail for I think three years now, but I’ve just discovered my new favorite feature: I frequently move mails from my inbox to sub-folders and I’ve always done this using the context menu with ‘Move To’, followed by mouse navigation through a deep hierarchy of menus. Only recently I discovered that […]

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Lorn Potter

Opie FUD

Published Sunday October 1st, 2006
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Posted in KDE, Qt, Qtopia

I keep hearing from certain people associated with certain embedded “distributions” that the Opie project has died. That’s fine as an opinion, but then the blame is put squarely on Trolltech, because we haven’t yet GPL’d Qtopia 4, which is quite unfair. Opie project has slowed its development because certain developers have FUD’d it into […]

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Qt Jambi and Enums

Published Tuesday September 26th, 2006
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If you’ve looked through the Qt Jambi API, you’ll see that we don’t make use of the Java 5 feature of enumerators for mapping Qt/C++ enums. Since we’re already using generics, auto-boxing and other Java 5 features it probably seems a bit strange that we don’t use enums for mapping enums in Qt. The reason […]

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Perspective transformations

Published Thursday September 21st, 2006
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A really neat feature that Arthur in Qt4 was lacking was support for perspective transformations. QMatrix is an affine transformation class. Even though our docs advertise it as a 3×3 matrix it’s actually 2×3. I’ve been wanting to do perspective transformations in Qt for a while. With Qt 4.2 frozen I had a chance to […]

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Graphics View Gem: Item Obscurity

Published Thursday September 14th, 2006
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Posted in Graphics Items, Graphics View, KDE, Labs, Qt

During this summer of pre-4.2 testing, we got many feature requests from you all, customers and Open Source’rs, and I’d like to pull out one of the things we decided to implement as a result of this. Item obscurity: being able to determine whether an item is obscured, or not. The idea is that any […]

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Preparations for DevDays2006 begins!

Published Thursday September 14th, 2006
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I really need to get into the habit of this blog thing. Anyway, I needed a small break from what I was doing before I head up to the cafeteriafor lunch. I somehow managed to volunteer for giving 3 presentations during Trolltech Developer Days 2006. I’m mostly done with the multi-threading presentation; I just have […]

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Behavioral changes in QIODevice in Qt 4.2

Published Monday September 11th, 2006
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Some people think QFile in Qt 4 is slow[*]. Compared to Qt 3, the noticable difference lies in QIODevice::getChar(), and to some extent, QIODevice::putChar(). But there’s good news: With Qt 4.2, we’ve managed to improve QIODevice’s performance by 4-5x when reading small blocks at a time, especially so for getChar() :-). So something has changed […]

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