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a challenge…

Published Thursday November 10th, 2005
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I challenge anyone to come up with cold, hard facts and numbers about kde vs gnome / qt vs. gtk+ memory usage and performance. Please, _someone_ do some real analysis on this. I need facts, not conjucture! Enough of the FUD!

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Kdevelop & Qtopia/Opie

Published Sunday November 6th, 2005
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Before I left Munich, I had a short chat with Roberto about Qtopia, editors and kdevelop. It got me thinking that indeed, kdevelop’s Qtopia and Opie integration needs to be better (i.e. updated). At least for application and plugin templates. I did some initial work with a Qtopia application template some time ago, but because […]

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Munich Dev Days

Published Wednesday November 2nd, 2005
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Finally made it to Munich, and seem to have run into standard non-Australian autumn weather – cold and foggy. Oh well, such is life. I guess I cant get too used to sunshine and warm spring time weather in early November. ahhhh.. the joys of southern hemisphere living. Today is presentation day here at Trolltech’s […]

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Published Wednesday October 26th, 2005
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One of the troubles of world travel is coming in contact with new virus and such, especially those that cause sinusitis. So I decided to stay home today. This is the first real illness I have had for quite a few years, so I am actually overdue. With the internet, I can do some of […]

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Developer Days SJ 2005

Published Tuesday October 25th, 2005
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So here’s my little update on last week’s adventures at the first of two arrangements for the Trolltech Developer Days 2005 in San Jose. I traveled together with Zack, Roberto, Marius and Gunnar on an SAS/Virgin flight to SFO on Saturday the 15th. Spent the weekend bio-adjusting to The American Way, and on Monday, we […]

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dev days – san jose

Published Saturday October 22nd, 2005
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Back in the Australian home. Beat up and weary from a heap of air travel that included getting stuck on the tarmac twice in two different airports for 1) having too much fuel (wtf!?! – 3 hours on the plane for them to find someone to pump out excess fuel) and nearly missing the international […]

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I say Hey – whats going on?

Published Wednesday October 19th, 2005
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Posted in Qt

So as some of you might have seen, a lot of our devs are over in San Jose basking in the sun and basically just enjoying themselves at the Dev Days. The rest of us are back in cold Oslo toiling away on Qt 4.1. At the moment we have just entered a freezing period […]

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