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Next generation of KDevelop

Published Wednesday August 17th, 2005
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We finally comitted the results of the first KDevelop Conference to the kde svn (branches/work/kdevelop4-merge). This is a port of the core modules to Qt 4 including some major cleanups. Highlights are the composite item model and the filter model. They allow us to manage all kinds of data (classes, files, etc) and to perform […]

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Lars Knoll

A new chapter

Published Friday August 12th, 2005
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I’m currently enjoying a three week vacation for the most wonderful of reasons. My wife gave birth to our daughter, Sarah, the 1st of August. After sleeping most of the time for the first 1 1/2 weeks she is now starting to be more awake every day. After some tiring first days our life is […]

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Lorn Potter

Kde and Qt to part ways?

Published Wednesday July 27th, 2005
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According to this opinion they should. Things Don’t ”Ad” Up “I recommended an amicable solution to the KDE/Qt problem: I did not suggest KDE do anything to illegally or immorally harm Trolltech, but rather suggested maybe the two should part ways. You can agree or disagree with whether that is a good idea, but either […]

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