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Say hello to QtScript!

Published Friday January 5th, 2007 | 11 Comments on Say hello to QtScript!
Posted in Qt, Qt Script

QtScript is a new module that will be introduced in the next minor release of Qt (4.3). It is a scripting environment that you embed in your C++ Qt application. While the release of Qt 4.3 is still a few months away, fortunately QtScript has just recently been integrated into the daily Qt snapshots, so […]

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Lorn Potter

shadow building Qtopia

Published Saturday December 30th, 2006 | Comments Off on shadow building Qtopia
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Qtopia (and Opie II !!) do not require you to build in the source tree. You can “shadow build’ using a different directory for compiling, keeping separate your work sources and your build tree. This keeps things nice and clean, and is easier to maintain and work with. It also makes it possible to have […]

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Lorn Potter


Published Thursday December 21st, 2006 | 1 Comment on holidaze
Posted in Qt, Qtopia

well, its that time of year again. Holidaze! Around here, its either hot or raining this time of year, eggnog isn’t very special because the stores have it year round, if Santa Claus is seen outside he is sweating buckets and has shorts on, Santa Claus uses kangaroos for his sleigh instead, people are a […]

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Qt support for IAccessible2

Published Tuesday December 19th, 2006 | Comments Off on Qt support for IAccessible2
Posted in KDE, Qt

Last Thursday, IBM announced a new set of accessible interfaces called IAccessible2. Unfortunately, only Windows is currently supported. Using my previous work for D-Bus based accessibility, I’ve been able to put together a D-Bus backend for IAccessible2 that contains cross-desktop D-Bus interfaces for IAccessible2, including a reference implementation for Qt 4.2. You can find the […]

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A Style for Vista

Published Monday December 18th, 2006 | 7 Comments on A Style for Vista
Posted in Qt

Qt applications have been using the Windows theme API to draw it’s widgets since the Qt 3 series. This is why existing Qt applications already fit very well into the Windows Vista desktop. Yet, there have been quite a few cosmetic changes to standard controls on Vista and many widgets are now fully animated, including […]

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Hands on QGraphicsScene’s index

Published Monday December 18th, 2006 | 3 Comments on Hands on QGraphicsScene’s index
Posted in Graphics Items, Graphics View, KDE, Labs, Qt, Qtopia

Some people have asked if they can have more explicit control over how QGraphicsScene’s index works. If you’ve got concrete suggestions, please post comments to this post, or send us an email, or post a suggestion through our public feedback form. Some suggestions we’ve got so far are: setting the depth of the tree, forcing […]

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Locating Files

Published Saturday December 16th, 2006 | 2 Comments on Locating Files
Posted in Qt

It’s time for another lazy Saturday afternoon blog entry. Lazy because that’s how I like Saturdays. No emails that need answering, no tasks that need fixing, just doing what I feel like. Sometimes hacking, sometimes making music, sometimes chatting. And almost traditionally some good Italian food. But let’s digress towards a neat feature in Qt […]

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California and Cheese

Published Friday December 15th, 2006 | Comments Off on California and Cheese
Posted in Aggregated

Last week I was in California with Lars. It was a pretty vicious trip. Partially caused by the fact that I abhor flying. I don’t have anything against the action of flying itself, but I do have a lot against the airlines. And the fact that Snapple icetea has been taken away from me 3 […]

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