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Tero Kojo

New Qt Wiki Now Available

Published Thursday February 26th, 2015
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We are continuing our site unification to qt.io and we have now migrated the content from qt-project.org and today opened up the new Qt Wiki under qt.io. We invite all of you to start editing the new Qt Wiki under qt.io using the new MediaWiki implementation. This is the first phase launch of the wiki under

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Tuukka Turunen

Qt 5.4.1 Released

Published Tuesday February 24th, 2015
Posted in Releases

Today we have released Qt 5.4.1, the first patch update to Qt 5.4. In addition to improvements and fixes to Qt functionality it also packs new Qt Creator 3.3.1. Qt 5.4.0 released in December introduced many features such as our new Chromium-based Qt WebEngine, WinRT support (including Windows Phone), and several Graphics improvements. With Qt

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Eike Ziller

Qt Creator 3.3.1 released

Published Tuesday February 24th, 2015
Posted in Qt, QtCreator, Releases

We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 3.3.1. This release of Qt Creator is a pure bug fixing release. Please have a look at our change log for details. Qt Creator 3.3.1 is now available for download on qt.io. Please post issues in our bug tracker. You also can find us on IRC on #qt-creator on

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Tuukka Turunen

Qt Weekly #26: Protecting your application against hacking

Published Tuesday February 17th, 2015
Posted in Licensing, Security

Open-source applications are open by nature, indented and encouraged for tweaking, hacking and further development. For a business critical application or a device there sometimes is desire to make it closed and prevent modifications. Because of the dual licensing, Qt offers a commercial license option that is well suited for making closed applications and devices

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Qt Weekly #25: Optimization hints on Qt Data Visualization

Published Tuesday February 10th, 2015
Posted in OpenGL, Performance, Qt Data Visualization | Tags: ,

On Qt Data Visualization 1.1 we introduced a beta level optimization hint QAbstract3DGraph::OptimizationStatic and on 1.2 release the feature is fully supported. On this blog we’ll try to explore this optimization a bit more. We have also been asked how many items you can render on scatter graph. We hope that this blog answers to

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Diana de Sousa

Qt Creator flat style UI design + new Light theme

Published Monday February 9th, 2015
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We have been thinking about the idea of updating the Qt Creator GUI with a more contemporary flat style design, and adding a Light theme in addition to the current Default and Dark themes. Moreover, all the icons in the UI would be simplified and become consistently unified under the same style. Down below are

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Tero Kojo

planet.qt.io is now live

Published Friday February 6th, 2015
Posted in Community, Qt.io

Still one more service to hit the qt.io domain this week! The Qt blog aggregator, Planet Qt, is now live at http://planet.qt.io Planet gathers all the news and blogs from the Qt world to a single location. Anyone can submit their blog to be included into the planet feeds. The current aggregator at http://planet.qt-project.org will

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