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Published Thursday July 21st, 2005
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Sitting in Singapore, still shivering from the experience of a Singapore Airlines Flight. Guess I’ve been flying with we-don’t-smile European Airlines too often.

I’ve never seens stewardesses working that hard and still smile and be nice. Every 15 minutes, we got new water and drinks, I had to leave my glass half-full to prevent them to constantly replace it. This was also the first time I felt sorry for the flight-attendants, after the excellent meal I neatly folded and packed my stuff together to spare them some work.

And again, it was a funny experience to see the spice-agnostic scandinavians complain about the hotness of the mildly spiced noodle dish πŸ™‚

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John says:

Harald, have to agree, always had excellent service on Singapore Airlines. I would say they are one of the best. That is service Asia style, you would get the same on most airlines in Asia with constant smile, friendly and immediate service.

Some interesting observations I’ve made is that they give you a metal knife and fork (not chopsticks), except from flights to/from Australia where you get a rather ineffective plastic knife, especially if you have meat to cut. Other carriers in Asia also serve eastern food with knife and forks without a chopsticks option. Some food is just easier to eat with chopsticks. I had a very nice pasta dish from singapore to taipei on singapore airlines IIRC, and while you don’t fly for the meals, you still have to eat when you are flying for 8 hours so a better meal is always appreciated.

My experience has been that airline food is mild at the most spicy. I’m quite sure you are right, that it wasn’t actually hot. I’m sure it is funny seeing those crazy scandinavians eating ‘hot’ food πŸ˜‰ They just wouldn’t make something spicy by default, they would let you choose how spicy with a sauce you could add or something. I’ve had airline food where it just wasn’t spicy enough! And nothing to add or any way to make it more spicy πŸ™

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