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Kde and Qt to part ways?

Published Wednesday July 27th, 2005
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According to this opinion they should.
Things Don’t ”Ad” Up

“I recommended an amicable solution to the KDE/Qt problem: I did not suggest KDE do anything to illegally or immorally harm Trolltech, but rather suggested maybe the two should part ways. You can agree or disagree with whether that is a good idea, but either way, I am not advocating anything immoral. Finding alternatives is exactly the thing I also advise here.”

ermm… just exactly how Kde is to part with Qt is not discussed. πŸ™‚

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Anonymous says:

I don’t think that many are taking Timothy still serious. He suggested the departure of Qt and KDE already in the first part of his “opinion” series against KDE.

Minty says:

As a QT/KDE developer I agree that KDE should part ways from Trolltech, if only beacuse of the new release ofQT4 which is not really compatable with QT3. (but it pretends to be) As a result instead of the KDE code base maturing and becoming more stable it all has to be rewritten, keeping KDE and QT in a perpetual beta stage.

If the code base were to remain constant it might encourage more third party commercial vendors to migrate thier apps to Linux. This philosophy speaks to those of us in the commercial world that dream of the day when their company can run common desktop apps found on Windows (Quickbooks, Act, Peachtree, etc).

It would also be good to get way from QT altogether so we simplify the developer’s paradigm. Right now a developer has to know QT and KDE. A KDE one widget set would be the best way to approach this, as we should learn from the mistakes of the old X11/XT/Motif three layer approach that was just ugly.

Fork the Qt code now, it will allow KDE to control its own destiny.

Mitchell Mebane says:

“Fork the Qt code now, it will allow KDE to control its own destiny.”

That might do some good, but I don’t think KDE would get much commercial benefit out of it unless they could get a fork of Qt3 under the LGPL.

Vlad Blanton says:

That is something I had been thinking about as well. I really think that if there where enough developers ready to work on a fork of Qt, (and giving it a better name perhaps πŸ˜‰ then it should be forked! Im glad someone brought this up but I doubt the reality of it all. It would be beneficial if the KDE project/community had complete control over its own UI. Not to mention the fact that it would ensure Qt is developed by a community and not a company.

Vlad Blanton says:

…and then again, there wouldn’t be as much funds coming into KDE (because trolltech will leave the picture) and things like aaron working in KDE and getting paid wouldn’t happen. There would be a lot of fuss, and things would get difficult and sticky. Its all variable.

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