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3GSM Barcelona

Published Tuesday February 7th, 2006
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I have been too busy working on Trolltech’s Qtopia 4 preview demonstration for the 3GSM show to say much lately. Not to mention too busy on the weekends with the overgrown lawn, the pool, the kid, the wife, etc… to do any hacking on Opie, Qtopia, or any of my Qt programs/projects.

I did manage to get one machine updated to kde 3.5.1. I _really_ think KDE needs more features for tablet pc’s!

Some of our embedded guys will be there in Barcelona with some exciting new stuff to demonstrate – Qtopia 2’s voip and the upcoming Qtopia built on Qtopia Core 4!
Qtopia 4 has some great enhancements, and I am particularly thrilled about one involving another open source project I have been loosely involved with since a few years.

Plus, there should be some demonstration device there as well, but I cannot say right now, you will find out soon enough.

If you are headed to 3GSM, be sure to stop by Trolltech’s booth!

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Posted in KDE, Qt, Qtopia

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