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Write a Greenphone app without a Greenphone

Published Tuesday January 30th, 2007
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Yes, you too can write an application for the Greenphone without actually owning one! (and join the qtcentre.org developer contest)

It’s easy! How?

Grab the Greenphone SDK. Once you have it running:
source devel-x86.sh
This sets up the compiler environment for natively compiling, which you do to initially develop you application.

You can run your test in the QVFb (Qt Virtual Framebuffer). This is not an emulator, and only simulates the button presses through the use of the Greenphone skin. Other than that, it has nothing really to do with the Greenphone hardware at all.

After you have it running nice and well there, you can then:

make clean
source devel-greenphone.sh
make package

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Tim says:

Cool, but why would you write an app for the Greenphone without owning one?

Richard Dale says:

Nokia are seeding Free Software developers with N800’s for 100 dollars a throw. The Greenphone is sold at cost price, which is 700 Euros and is as much as a laptop or about 3 Wiis. Why are Free Software developers expected to deliver code for free (in my case porting QtRuby to the Greenphone), in order to make Trolltech’s business model happen?

— Richard

ben says:

I really like the hardware you can buy today. You can have wifi, gps, umts, qvga touchscreen, memorycards, camera and all that stuff in a nice package (for less than 700 euros), but it always comes with windows mobile.

Cannot trolltech provide a possibility to replace windows on these phones? That’d be great. Or sell the greenphone for a much lower price, then I’d even try my (small) coding skills on it

No Man says:

“Yes, you too can write an application for the Greenphone without actually owning one!”

Sure, but why should I?

Marius says:

Good point, Richard. Price has to be much more reasonable.

Morty says:

I find it rather ignorant of people complaining about the price of the Greenphone, it’s a development board for godness sake. And development boards are always more expensive than consumer devices.

Try getting a development board with display and roughly the same specifications as the Nokia N800 or N770 for anything close to their (full)price.

Rather then harping on that, you should ask the real interresting question. When will Qtopia/Greensuite be ported to the FIC Neo1973? Then you’ll have a reasonable priced consumer device running running a fully fledged applicationsuite.

And that would basicly answer the whys too, by following Lorn suggestion you’ll have your phone applications already running when the Neos become avaliable in a few months.

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