Qt 4.3 (nearly) supports HP-UX on Itanium

Published Friday March 16th, 2007
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For keeping our HP-UX support up to date, we’re experimenting with adding support for HP-UX on Itanium. For now, the aCC 6 compiler range seems to work; gcc doesn’t work yet. If you want to try it out, you can either download a Qt 4.3 snapshot, or wait for the first official beta, and configure with hpuxi-acc-64 (notice the ‘i’).

qt@host:~/qt-4.3> ./configure -platform hpuxi-acc-64

Initial testing shows that it’s on par with the other HP-UX configurations we support (PA-RISC 32 and 64bit aCC, and 32bit gcc).

Hai, our HP-UX PA-RISC test machine Gravlaks, our HP-UX Itanium2 test machine
Hai, PA-RISC Gravlaks, Itanium2
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Marius says:

Nice names for the computers πŸ˜›

Thiago Macieira says:

You should see the rest of the server names.

The other Itanium server had too boring a name… “itanium”

Andreas says:

Yup, there’s a story behind most server names in Trolltech. πŸ˜‰ Our first HP-UX machines were named “flounder” and “manta”, one slow and one even slower (same MHz, but one had 128MB of ram and the other had 256MB). I followed up with buying a new really fast PA-RISC, and someone suggested we should call it “shark”. But that sounded too tacky. My workstation is called “shusaku” from the legendary Go legend. So I figured it would be funny to call the new HP machine “hai”, which means “shark” on Norwegian, and “yes” in Japanese I guess. So the next two HP machines were “sushi” and “sashimi”, followed by “shrimp”. (My laptop’s name is “sai”, Shusaku’s teacher, and it also happens to rhyme with “hai”). “gravlaks” is our latest addition. It’s a fine piece of equipment, but shows clear signs of wear and tear. So… it’s a fermented salmon, basically.

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