Qt 4.3.0 beta released

Published Wednesday March 21st, 2007
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We released Qt and Qtopia Core 4.3.0 beta source packages today. You can download them here. Binaries will be available by this friday. Note that the Open Source beta packages are now available under GPL.

Space being limited, a lot of non-buzzword-compliant features got unceremoniously dropped from the What’s new page. So here is a random list of features I can think of right away that are not mentioned there

* New platform Qt/MSYS (being the release manager, I get to shamelessly plug my feature first πŸ˜‰ )
* Unified tool bar for MAC
* New XML classes QXmlStreamReader and QXmlStreamWriter
* Object Bounding Mode for gradients
* QDir search path
* Perspective transformations
* Almost every Qt widget now supports styling using stylesheets (I will blog about all the enhancements in the days to come).
* QApplication::alert
* QDirIterator
* Prioritized posting of events
* Set operations on paths
* QWidget is now locale aware
* QColumnView
* Unicode 5 support
* Editing dynamic properties in Qt Designer
* The supremely cool Qt::BlockingQueuedConnections

A few more come to my mind but I will leave them for you to discover :). Don’t hesitate to contact us at the qt4-preview-feedback for any help.

Happy hacking!

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Posted in KDE, News, Qt, Qtopia


Dark Phoenix says:

I was going to ask why the vendor-specific extension syntax wasn’t used, but I assume that’s because it’s technically NOT CSS…

At any rate, this is really cool for styling possibilities.

Aaron J. Seigo says:

Dark Phoenix: we’re actually already using this feature in a couple of places in KDE4, such as the clear button in line edits and to get rid of frames in status bars. so, yes, it is really cool … already =)

The whatsnew page speaks of OpenGL enhancements without going into much details. Can we have a better description?

Alexander K. says:

Qt is by far the best product. But still there’s one thing that I find to be kinda mean πŸ™‚
I don’t quite understand why the open source edition won’t work with the VC8 compiler. I mean since the Visual C++ 2005 is free (Express Edition) alot of schools now use it and it would come in handy to have Qt work on it. I think alot of school teachers would switch over to Qt once it’s available for the (mighty) VC8 compiler.

Serge says:

Alexander K.: The reason It does not work with VC++ 2005 I bet is because Freeware and Free are 2 different things πŸ™‚

Qt::BlockingQueuedConnections looks great. With that I can get rid of those mutexes and waitconditions only for syncing the signal…

girish says:

Dark Phoenix: We did start out using the -qt- prefix for style sheets initially. But later, we decided there’s no point making style sheets unnecessarily ugly since css from the web cannot be used in Qt widgets.

QDirIterator utterly rocks. Can’t believe something as common like that is so oft neglected from toolkits; thanks trolls!

ChrisV says:

Are the new XML stream reader classes able to handle large XML files?

I discovered the hard way that naively passing a 1.2GB XML file in ASCII/UTF8 (the same thing in this case) to the QXmlInputSource class will crash the application as QString tries to make a double-sized duplicate (sizeof(QChar) = 2*sizeof(char)) in memory. 32-bit procs doesn’t have enough address space available for that sort of thing!

Michael says:

Could you elaborate a little more on the mentioned: “Editing dynamic properties in Qt Designer”. What does it mean?
Thank you.

Andreas says:

Michael: It’s as simple as that – you can edit dynamic properties in Qt Designer ;-). Open a form, add a button, right-click on the property editor to add a dynamic property, and add its contents. This property can then be queried from Qt / in C++ code or via QScript, and it also gets its own box in the property editor.

Josef says:

When will be available the binaries, specially for windows ? Thanks for Qt !

ginglese says:

i’m really raring to see the new stylesheet features !
please girish, give us detail information … or update the doc πŸ˜‰

Abhijit says:

I just started digging into Qt 4.3.0 beta – it is awesome.

BTW, in your list item – “Unified tool bar for MAC” it should be “Mac” and not “MAC”

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