New Qt File Dialog (take 2)

Published Thursday March 29th, 2007
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Here’s a follow up on the recent blog post which presented a new filedialog interface. Listening to the feedback it has been changed back to look very similar to the one in 4.2. The big differences are that the Save As collapsing functionality has been remove and the line edit is back and gets focus by default. The saving has been fixes so adding folders to the sidebar will be saved, along with history. Note that the painting issue on the cancel button is being looked into already and will be fixed shortly (it only occurs in Plastique style).

Feel free to provide feedback on what you think of this change.

Open dialog
Open Dialog

Save dialog
Save Dialog

P.S. A little hidden feature that has been in the file dialog sense at least 4.2 is that if you type “..” in the line edit and hit enter it will move to the parent directory. In 4.3 that has been extended to the completer so you can now type ../foo/bar and the completer will understand the relative path.

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Posted in KDE, Qt


brad says:

One obvious change from 4.2 is the default view, which shows all of the details. Personally, I think it looks cluttered, and the fact that the columns are constantly resizing themselves to various sizes while navigating is annoying. Please, fix this ๐Ÿ™‚

brad says:

More food for thought: The default size feels a bit too short (width is good, though). Perhaps the view showing the files should have a size hint with 4:3 width/height ratio?

ltr says:

I don’t know if it is on purpose but in “open file dialog” symlinks aren’t name with symlink name but with destination name. Which is different than in 4.2.

Benjamin Meyer says:

The resizing columns have been fixed, listview is default once again (just like in 4.2) and the default height has been increased.

Andy Brice says:

The link at the start of the article is broken, so I am missing some context – but what I really need is a file dialog that looks like the XP file dialog on XP, like the Vista file dialog on Vista and like the MacOSX file dialog on MacOSX. Is that in v4.3?

Benjamin Meyer says:

Woops, fixed the link which was pointing to the hostname that is only accessable internally. The original idea for the interface work was to try to make a common file dialog that went with where all the platforms seem to be going. Some examples include: Vista, OS X, gtk all have animated Save As dialog (not sure what KDE4 will do), Save/Cancel buttons are horizontal rather then vertical, New Folder button only shows up in Save As and not Open modes. But the response was that users didn’t like it and were perfectly happy with the old one.

Andreas says:

Andy: If you use the static functions in QFileDialog, you’ll get the 100% native look. Otherwise, you’ll get the Qt look.

Craig says:

Will the preview area and the ability to add buttons or other widgets be added back in Qt4?

steve says:

I preferred the other new file dialog. I think it looked less cluttered and resembled the GTK+ file selector (which I think is much nicer).

Andy Brice says:

>If you use the static functions in QFileDialog, youโ€™ll get the 100% native look.

Thats excellent news. I need cheering up – I am justing slogging through converting about 40 .ui files from Qt3 to Qt4 (groan).

Ps/ Is it just me, or are your ‘capcha’s also really hard for a human to read?

Micron Gust says:

Thanks for listening to user feedback, Ben. I’m happy to see that “take two” of the QT 4.3 dialog looks a lot like the KDE 3.5 dialog. (I have to admit that I’m a big fan of KDE, and I really loath the GTK/GNOME file dialogs.)

Bob Ziuchkovski says:

In addition to the getOpenFileName and getSaveFileName dialogs mentioned here, I really think that the getExistingDirectory dialog should be changed on linux to be more intuitive. A tree view makes a lot more sense when working with directories. Below are screenshots of KDE’s interface and QT4’s interface for selecting a directory on linux. Obviously the kio stuff on the left side of the kde screenshot is irrelevant for QT4, but the rest of the dialog seems quite intuitive. The getExistingDirectory dialog looks fine with the native windows and mac interfaces, so my gripe is really just with the linux interface.

KDE Interface:
QT4 Interface:

Can you still type in the path in the above “Look in:” textfield?

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