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Published Monday June 4th, 2007
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dot net style

Some of you might remember my blog post about this back in October. Now that 4.3.0 is out, I finally had time to clean up the sources and release something usable on labs.

The style is a close approximation to the appearance of Visual Studio 2005, Office 2003 as well as the .NET based application framework. It will give your application a modern gradient appearance for tool bars and menus while retaining the native look and feel for other widgets.

A solution for commercial customers will probably be made available in the near future based on feedback I get on this.

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Posted in DotNet, Qt, Styles, Uncategorized


Mike Gibson says:

I’m a commercial customer, and I am most definitely interested.

Barrett Gay says:

Me too.

Jens says:

Andy : The current color theme is based on the system palette. I’m planning on adding support for the blue/alternate color version as well. That is what most of those examples are based on.

sysedit says:

Would be interrested in a commercial solution too (Qt solution ???)

Good Job !

Andy Brice says:

>I’m planning on adding support for the blue/alternate color version as well.

That would be terrific. Although its only trivial eye candy at one level it can make a big difference to a commercial app (and consequently help to sell more Qt licences).

miniak says:

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this,
but I wonder why does not the built-in Windows XP style in Qt4 use the gradient found in all native applications on the toolbar background, (windows explorer vs. Qt4 Assistant)

Jens says:

sysedit: Yes, I believe Qt Solutions is the most likely candidate at the moment.
miniak: There is little consistency on the windows desktop so stating that all native applications look like IE is simply not true. We currently use a conservative look that is suitable for a wide range of applications and this is unlikely to change abruptly throughout the lifetime of Qt 4. However the IE tool bar appearance is certainly something it would be nice to provide as an alternative. We did something similar for mac style unified tool bars with 4.3 and I was already planning on looking into this for 4.4.

I’m a commercial user. I’d love to use this style.

I should add that the last version of the product I’m working on was done in .NET, so unless something like this is available our Qt version is going to look less modern than our last version. We’d already decided the move was worth the cost, but not having to pay that cost would be even better.

I am definitely interested.
Good Job.

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