Andre says:

Sorry to see the new QTopia interfaces only seem geared towards phones. PDA’s seem to have been abandoned. :`(

François says:

The icons need some consitency I think. The angles are not the same. Some looks flat (like tools on the bottom left corner), some are turned to the left instead of the right. I think it would really improve a LOT the feeling if they really all look the same. Am I the only one having this feeling?

George says:

I’d say the clock just looks plain ugly…

jospoortvliet says:

I think it looks great! love the green 😉

Dado says:

I’m not a fan of dark interfaces but this one looks nice, love the black/green combo, but the icons do need some work.

While seeing this and new new Oxygen Style of KDE4, big things are coming to my head!

Very nice. The tasteful alpha blending / anti-aliasing shows off some of Arthur’s finer points too.

michael says:

I must agree with comment from George, the clock just looks awful 😉
I also see the usage of anti-aliased rounded rects as a mistake as long as they look as they currently do. Just look at the scrollbars with an magnifier. Or at the line edit, where the rounding is too opaque and too thin. The problem is better visible on the infobox here:

Very nice interface i look great, besides the clock look like cool, intersting idea…

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