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QtWebKit on Windows

Published Tuesday July 31st, 2007
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Lars, Zack and I spent the last week making QtWebKit work on Windows. You may wonder why this is worth mentioning at all, since Apple released a WebKit based Safari for Windows not too long ago – and since QtWebKit uses Qt it shouldn’t require any changes at all to work on Windows, right? Indeed, we did not have to change anything in the bits and pieces of WebKit that use Qt, but WebKit is bigger than that. It comes with a lot of build requirements, such as bash, perl, bison, flex, libxml/libxslt, sqlite and more. As a result of that the WebKit for Windows that Safari uses requires a full cygwin installation. That is something we want to avoid as we need to be able to build QtWebKit with minimum dependencies and within “native” Windows environments. So we worked on making it easier to compile the sources and integrate better with QMake for a more portable build process. Below is the obligatory screenshot:

Screenshot of QtLauncher on Windows

QtWebKit can be built with Microsoft’s Visual Studio Compiler or with the MingW port of GCC and the Open Source Edition of Qt for Windows. We are collecting build instructions and help on the WebKit Wiki, so if you want to try to build it yourself I suggest to start there.

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Posted in Internet, KDE, Labs, WebKit


Nils Jeisecke says:

Thank you!

Will Stokes says:

This is very exciting. The prospects of having a world class html/css render in Qt is huge. In the past the html tags supported, and glitches in their support, prevent developers form making really slick html based documentation for their apps. That will all soon change!

naresh says:

I succesfully compiled it on OpenSuse, but i had to add in unix:!mac section LIBS += -lfontconfig in file. Everything works fine for now.

els says:

“Alemanische Wikipedia” who is realy “alemanisch” or is this coincidence?
i feel pleased if there’s a hacker in my enviroment … ๐Ÿ˜‰

Simon says:

els, it’s no coincidence :). Unfortunately I don’t live there anymore (I only grew up at the Bodensee). I still miss the Alemannische Fasnet though ๐Ÿ™‚

els says:

๐Ÿ˜‰ Yeah! Alemannische Fasnet is funny, a lot of girls drink too much and then …ahhmmmm ๐Ÿ˜‰

i wรผnschda was…

naresh says:

It’s time to test it on windows… And i must say i’m sad becouse i couldn’t compile it with MinGW. It throws error about missing crtdbg.h

naresh: Download Microsoft Platform SDK, it’s in include directory or just copy this file to your include’s

Bernd W. Hausmann says:

Hello trolltechs & tronical family members of Simon
thank you very much for giving me the chance for sending sunny greetings from south-east Switzerland to all of you, especially to Simon Hausmann.

Well, in a peculiar way I am a developer, too… *lol ’cause in 1979 (my ex-wife) Anne and I, we loved very intensively each other and Simon Hausmann was really the result of making … *yeahhh
You all will know Simon better than myself: but I think he is a wonderful human being, ‘happy go lucky’ most of the time – he loves to live within a creative community of people like you, who are a challenge for him – creating ‘tronical stuff’, eating & enjoying mediterranean & Sri Lankian kitchen, talking witty & reciting Einstein, listening & playing music – especially jazz.

I am his very grateful grey-haired and loving Dad,
Bernd W. Hausmann
and of course his Mom sends her love, too

Bob says:

Reciting Einstein? I lol’d so hard

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