Qt 4.3.1 released

Published Wednesday August 8th, 2007
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We just released 4.3.1, get it here.

We try to do a patch release every 1.5 months or so. This time around, given that most developers disappeared for summer vacation, getting 4.3.1 out was quite a challenge. But there, we/2 did it πŸ™‚ But really, this post is just an excuse to show the picture of our brave support engineers (customers can get pretty aggressive at times). We have four support offices (click on the images and hover over the face to see their names):

The Beijing office support team
Beijing support team

The San Jose office support team
SJ Support team

The Oslo office support team
Oslo support team

The Brisbane office support team
—- watch out this space for Brisbane team picture —-

P.S. Yes, yes, we know about the difference in sex ratio between Oslo development team and Oslo support team. We (devs) are working on it – by joining support, of course πŸ˜‰

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Posted in KDE, Qt


Volker Hilsheimer says:

Well, fact is that we have four support offices – the Brisbane team is missing, a grave mistake that needs to and will be corrected right away.

girish says:

Volker: Of course, my bad. Corrected the blog post.

Bruce says:

Is there a change log yet? There’s nothing listed at http://trolltech.com/developer/notes/changes yet.

Per says:

It’s really wonderful that you’ve allowed so many more Open Source Licenses to be compatible with Qt! However, the (IMHO) two most important ones are missing: GPL v3 (of course) and EPL (Eclipse Public License) so we are able to create a Qt version of SWT and get a Qt Eclipse.
It would be very interesting to hear the reasons for excluding those.

girish says:

Per, EPL and CPL are very similar. We have CPL listed in the GPL Exception. We weren’t aware of this interest for the EPL. But now that we have heard the interest for EPL from various sources, we have brought it to notice of our legal department. IMO, EPL is just a matter of time, maybe even the next patch release.

As for GPL v3, we are actively working on it. From what I understand, it is a bigger step and not something we can just provide with an Exception.

kunaldeo says:

Hi Girish
Any Idead when Visual Studio 2008 Support is comming ?

Per says:

girish: That sound great! Thank you!

notme says:

Heh, I wonder why a spaniard (Ines) went as far as Oslo to work for TT. How about a new spanish office? =)

girish says:

kunaldeo, VS 2008 is not even released yet πŸ™‚ And of course, we will support it when it arrives.

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