My first commit to KDE SVN

Published Monday September 10th, 2007
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I just submitted a backport of QGraphicsItem::CacheMode to KDE4 SVN. The change is in Plasma::Widget, and gives Plasma the same speed boost that Qt 4.4’s QGraphicsItem eventually will have. For those interested, the change is also available in . Which is all of course completely irrelevant.

The important thing is – it’s my first KDE submit! I now qualify as a KDE developer. Right??

[21:05]  aseigo: if I submit, you sync and quickly check that it builds for you ok? I'm using 4.4, and I'm too lazy to recompile everything with 4.3. ;-)
[21:06]  _bibr: sure thing
[21:07]  aseigo: done!
[21:07]  bibr * r710738 workspace/trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/libs/plasma/widgets/ (widget.cpp widget.h):
[21:07]  Add CachePaintMode, as a temporary local back-port of
[21:07]  QGraphicsItem::CacheMode, which will appear in 4.4. I've chosen names
[21:07]  that aren't really good, but they're not misleading, and they don't
[21:07]  clash with the API in 4.4.
[21:07]  My first KDE submit :-DDD.
[21:07] * _bibr submits his very first change to KDE
[21:08]  s/KDE/KDE SVN/
[21:08] * aseigo builds
[21:08]  note: I haven't enabled the flag for any existing applets.
[21:08]  yep, it builds...
[21:08]  yohoo :-)
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Posted in KDE, Qt


Mauricio Piacentini says:

Hope is the first of many to come! Maybe one day you will find time to finish and commit that minicar racing game to kdegames?

jospoortvliet says:

hey, the fact you’re a Troll, laying the base for KDE – makes you a KDE dev, in my opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰

all the more true now, of course…

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